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4 Simple Considerations Before Using Google Adwords


Many people open up an AdWords account, do some keyword research and then start driving traffic without much planning.

I seriously believe there is a place for AdWords in every business, but you need to make sure you have a few things clarified within your strategy before you get started.

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail, so hopefully this article will save you some money and help improve your conversions;

1. Budget

First and foremost, when you’re using AdWords to sell a product, you need to know how much margin you have.

You also need to know how many visitors it takes to make a sale and how much you’re willing to spend to make that sale whilst still making sure there’s something left at the end.

One way to set a budget per AdGroup would be as follows:

  • How many visits does it take to my landing page before I make a sale? e.g. 25
  • What’s the average margin of my products (after shipping and taxes), in sterling? e.g. £50
  • If it takes 25 clicks to make a sale, then the most I can bid is; £50 divided by 25 clicks = £2.00 cpc


This means that in a worst case scenario (until you improve the pages conversion rate), you’ll at least break even because if it does take 25 clicks to make that sale then you’ve only lost your margin. If this is the case, then you better make sure you retain that customer to increase the long term value and repeat purchases from that customer.

2. USPs

This is one of the most common and biggest fall downs for many eCommerce websites in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 21.26.20

Other than the fact you may be one of thousands who sell that particular product, what additional value will you offer that no one else can or is? You have to think beyond being the cheapest on this, it’s not always about the dollar or pound;

  • Confidence in when they will get their product
  • How they will get their product?
  • What happens if the product isn’t right for them?
  • Would they benefit form a support line to call and ask questions before a purchase?
  • … the list goes on

These days people are wanting a quality service, as well as a product. Make sure you know your Unique Selling Points and think about including some within your Ad as well as clearly on your landing pages.

3. Landing Pages

Do not spend money in AdWords until you have compared the quality of your pages and customer experience against the leaders in the market.

Poor landing pages certainly hold one of the spades to dig that ‘bottomless pit’.

You have to be 100% certain that you are giving the visitor the right level information and a clear path to follow in order for them to take the action that you need them to.

Using tools such as Crazy Egg can give you insight into how you pages are performing, where your customers are clicking and how far they scroll down the page. This information will then allow you to make optimisation improvements that will raise the quality of your landing pages.


4. Retention Strategy

Two things to think about here;

  1. People visit, and they buy
  2. People visit, but they don’t buy

What now?

Will you be happy with just one sale from the first visitor, given the cost of that sale?  Are you going to sit back and let that second visitor leave, without asking if they found what they were looking for?

Of course not, on both counts.

For the first visitor, you need to think about how you re-market to them and whether there’s anything else you can recommend to them (via eMail) as a value add to their purchase. With the second type of visitor, you need to think about a targeted and personalised re-marketing plan, following them around the web to entice them back and try again.

In Summary

AdWords can be an invaluable tool for any eCommerce business, but you need to make sure you have your strategy set up and in place using the tips above if you want to see any real results.

Not paying attention to the details and skipping ahead is a sure-fire way to invite failure so always plan ahead when using Google AdWords.