5 ways to make a great Google + profile


With the ever growing amount of different Social Media options available to you and your business we have found that some business owners can be confused which platform best fits them or even how to use them appropriately for the different type of profiles available today.

The usual suspects for most businesses are of course Facebook and Twitter but where you aware that Google+ is actually the second most used platform available today with an ever-growing number of users estimated over 500 million.

Google+ arrived a little late to the Social Media party when it started in 2011 and Facebook is still very much ahead when it comes to the volume of users and user activities but a large amount of this as you can imagine are personal profiles talking about their day to day lives or making sure you can say as much as possible within 140 characters of less using Twitter, with Google+ however over time we have found a better engaging experience when talking to potential customers and with people within our industry.

With this I have included what we believe is a great way to start your Google+ profile if you are new to this platform:

1. Cover Photo

One area that you cannot help but notice is the large Cover Photo, you can upload a huge image as this has a 16×9 ratio and a maximum 2120×1192 pixels to play with. We have seen some excellent Cover Photo’s over the years but my advice is to have one designed for you, this will allow you to continue your company branding identity like colour schemes, business strapline or a clear USP to make you stand out from the competition. This is a great opportunity to push your brand on your Google+ business page, personal profile page or even both.

2. Profile Photo

With your Google+ personal profile you would expect an image of yourself as like any other Social Media platform available to you but on a Google + business page your company logo best fits this requirement. Make sure your Profile Photo stands out from the Cover Photo as once you have completed your Google+ Page registration and customisation all your contact details will be placed to the right of this which you will want to make sure is easy to read and relate too.

3. About

This is one of the most important sections of Google+ Pages to complete as this is where you talk about your business. Similar to other Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you can include your Bio or business proposition but this section also contains so much more that people within your circles would like to know.

  • Reviews: Exactly what it says in the title, why not ask customers who already have Google+ accounts if they could they leave you a review about the service they have received? Social Media and reviews work well together and here customer comments and star ratings which can be seen by the public. This will gain your business trust and honesty to people visiting your profile.
  • Google+ Local: Make sure the location of your business is marked correctly as this will be used not only by Google’s Search Engine and correctly marked as a local business but also your details can be used by mobile devices for directions to your premises.

4. Photos

As like Facebook and other Social Media platforms this is a great place to show either your product portfolio, the brands you currently work with or sell, team photo’s at work, social events or possibly any networking events you attend, please keep in mind this is your business page and not a personal profile when uploading photos or creating albums. One thing that is a must is to keep this fresh and updated regularly just as you should with all Social Media activities.

5. Videos

This option will not be available to everyone as not everyone has videos about their business but personally I believe videos are a great sales tool to use and where possible share this with your YouTube Channel. We are noticing more and more customers including introduction videos or time lapse videos to their websites and this creates more engagement and understanding in what you offer so why not share this in Google+.

Once you believe you have covered the above well its time to invite people to view your profile, Google+ would have already suggested a number of Circles to approach when creating your account but like all Social Media business profiles I would be selective and find people that will be influential and likely to recommend your new or refreshed Google Page to others.

As like all Social Media platforms keeping your profile updated and Posts relevant to your target audience is a given, keep your posts interesting, informative and unique and you will find that these will be shared within your Circles and to people within their Circles as well. If you like to see how well your profile performs you can monitor this with Google+ Insights located within your Dashboard.

Something to take away with you is please remember that Google likes to supply its users the best quality content available when searches are made, make sure that your Google+ profile and posts are unique as well as useful to your audience, this will aid your content being shared with other Circles as well as aid in your efforts of being found when using Google search.