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8 Free Content Marketing Tools


Even with the best team of content writers at your disposal, from time to time we all hit a road block in our creativity.

Whether its due to a lack of inspiration or a struggle to find the right accompanying image, you need to know which tools are the best in order to help you out of the rut.

We could list hundreds of content marketing tools in this post but instead, we decided to focus on the 8 best tools that we use on a regular basis.

These tools are easy to use, accessible and, best of all, completely free.

1) Hootsuite


A great way to organise your social calendar and automate posts, Hootsuite allows you to write, add links and images, and then schedule your tweets and posts all in one place.

You can set up posts for social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is perfect if you don’t have a full-time social media person, or you’re going out of the office for a while.

2) Pixabay


Free images that don’t require accreditation or payment – every content marketers dream!

There are hundreds of excellent pictures here. You may have to wade through a few pages to find the right picture but with no accreditation or royalties to pay, it’s worth the effort

Plus, you can crop and adjust the images as well, for commercial or personal use, without needing permission.

3) Piktochart


The simplest way we’ve found to create infographics and illustrations for blog posts is by using Piktochart

This plaform is really easy to use and you can import your own pictures as well to personalise anything you create.

There is a paid account feature which offers more functionality and options, but the free version is ideal for most.

4) Grammarly


Sometimes we can’t always find another pair of eyes to go over our posts. While it’s not foolproof, Grammarly helps with the more obvious errors you might overlook

More accurate and with better features than your standard spell checkers, this programme gives you more detailed assistance and options

5) Buzzsumo


Helps you to find articles that have had the most shares and prompt ideas for your own content

You can also use it to construct better headlines for your existing posts and articles.

See how highly shared articles worded their headlines to give you a better idea of how stuff goes viral

6) Reddit/Quora


Two great places to go when you are stuck and need some inspiration. Both Reddit and Quora have thousands of visitors from all over the world, and they cover a great range of topics.

Plus, you can ask your own questions which is great if you’re looking do to some research before you start writing.

7) Trello


If you have a team of content marketers, Trello is a handy tool for keeping track of who is doing what.

You can use it as a content calendar and assigned posts to different writers, or use it as a brainstorming tool to get new ideas from your team.

Use the cards to post titles of blog posts and people can assign themselves to the one they want to write.

8) Google Trends


As well as offering ideas for content, this tool also shows you the best time to plan your content based on when the keywords are trending

The more obvious ones are scheduling Christmas posts well before the shopping rush, as well as other annual peaks such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

The less obvious ones are things like wedding outfits (typically starting in May), when is the best time to promote air conditioning, or finding out when is the best time to post your review of the latest innovation in car engines.