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Hello, its nice to e-meet you!

What you’ll learn about us is that our door is always open and we’re always here to help.

We want to become part of your business and work with you on your goals by doing what we do best, all with the focus of helping your business to grow.

  • Phil Kelsey

    Managing Director

    You will usually meet me first, where I listen to your challenges / goals and then get started on proposing a solution. For each individual client, I combine my knowledge of the latest web technologies and creative marketing methods which are then tailored around your business services or products.

    I’m very strategic with my online approach. I want to know where you’ve been, what you’ve tried and where you want to go. Whether I’m guiding through a business with a new website design or an online marketing campaign – everyone’s project gets turned inside out to make sure all possible solutions have been explored before implementation.

    I look forward to meeting you.

  • Claire Pape

    Service Delivery Manager

    As one of the first employees of the business, I’ve worked in all areas and watched the company go from strength to strength.

    Working closely with our creatives and developers, I make sure that your tasks are delivered in a timely manor whilst maintaining communication along the way. Whether you have a new idea or just want a bit of advice, I’m your gal!

    The mother hen, cracking the whip making sure that our guys behave, and play nice.  That said, having raised a toddler, a day at this office is a doddle.


  • Alex Cooper

    Senior Developer

    I’ve worked in and around IT since I joined the industry, covering a range of disciplines including IT Support, Networking, Website Design and Maintenance, and Programming. To me technology should work for you, not against you, and I like solutions that help make businesses more efficient.

    I love the slightly “off the wall” challenges that we get asked to work on, and that programming offers a solution for – ones that perhaps haven’t been done before and break new ground. I love to create solutions that work so seamlessly with your business practices and processes that they start being taken for granted. No fuss, no bother – they simply work for you.

    In my spare time I enjoy learning new technologies, putting my body at risk by throwing myself around on the (field) hockey pitch and watching Formula 1 races.

  • Charlotte Barnes

    SEO Manager

    When it comes to creating content and getting the most out of your SEO, I’m here to get you on the right track.

    I’ll help you target your audience with effective and engaging copy, as well as develop your digital communication and social strategies.

    I have been writing copy, both online and in print, for more than 9 years. I have worked on a number of media channels including regional news, online marketing, blog copy and social media campaigning so I know how to get your content seen by the right audience.

  • Adam Owen

    Search Engine Marketing Manager

    The most exciting part of my role is understanding and becoming a part of our clients’ businesses and aligning my work and processes to fit.

    Whilst I have only been in the web industry for just under a year, the experience I have gained so far encompasses many areas within website marketing, such as SEO, and also includes technical aspects such as web hosting and domain management. I also enjoy writing on client sites and on our blog.

    I’m driven by the constant desire to learn more and expand my knowledge, with my key focus this year being web development.

    In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and often attend conferences and events both locally and in London.

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  • Jason McDonald

    Graphic & Website Designer

    I’ve always loved the diverse variety and creative challenges design brings. From the start of a project to completion there is always something new to learn and interesting ways of finding solutions to problems.

    When working on projects my aim is to design eye-catching websites that are not only functional but give you that visual, stand out edge over your competitors. Ultimately, I love helping your business to grow!

  • Craig Jones

    Web Developer

  • Jak Clark

    Web Developer

    I started out my career in development at school when I picked it up as a hobby. At the time, I was really into online gaming and learning code, so this seemed like a great new area to explore.

    My current role at Spiral Media allows me to ensure that, from design to development, the client has a smooth journey every time. I love seeing a page of clean code, knowing it is going to improve both the user experience and the website’s SEO

    Development gives me a platform to express myself, which I was always eager to do! Plus, now I can play an important part in helping turn our client’s visions into reality with quality working websites.

  • Daniel O’Boyle

    Marketing Associate

    Passionate about marketing and advertising, I support our clients with a range of Google AdWords and SEO tasks.

    You’ll find me with Adam and Charlotte, collaborating on improvements that drive sales and brainstorming the next opportunities.

Our Studio

You’ll find us working hard with our studio in the centre of the beautiful and historic city of Lincoln.
Here’s a few pictures to help give you an idea of who we are.

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Our History

Spiral Media was born on 27th January 2009 and initially rented space at the back of a unit within a large industrial estate. The journey started by designing and building small business and ecommerce websites for local businesses, with the first site being one for our landlord at the time.

We now have a fun and creative team of seven, in a lovely studio at the heart of the city. Together, we do more than create amazing websites; we take take them beyond the next level by supporting the growth of online businesses through creative marketing techniques, first class support and knowing our clients’ businesses inside out.

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