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How to Write A Marketing Plan for Your eCommerce Business

When it comes to setting up a marketing plan for your eCommerce business, you need to know the ins and outs of the business and your target audience. Without a marketing plan you won’t be able to gain new... read more

The Top 10 Best Email Templates for eCommerce

When it comes to marketing for an eCommerce business, it is important to have email marketing as an integral part of the marketing strategy. It is one of the best ways to generate sales and build relationships with your... read more

The Top 10 eCommerce Web Design Trends

Like with any industry, there are always trends and fads that happen every year. Similar to the fashion shows each season, the tech world has its own design trends that are implemented into eCommerce websites. It can be hard... read more

The Advantages of Niche Marketing

What marketing you choose to use for your business depends entirely on the product or service you are selling. It is important to understand niche marketing and the advantages that it can bring for businesses that specialise in a... read more

Real Evidence on The Growth of Mobile Traffic

Our evidence below, which has been taken and collated across 6 industries we operate in, shows that if you are neglecting the mobile side of your eCommerce store, then you are losing significant amounts of revenue opportunity. Looking at... read more

What is GDPR? Everything You Need To Know For Your Business

On May 25th, 2018 the rules for data protection within the UK will be updated, designed to give all citizens more control over the information that is stored about them. This includes information stored by businesses, organisations and corporations,... read more

Easter Bunny Invades the Forum!

We’re a silly bunch at times, but today our Team Forum had a special and very unexpected visit from the Easter Bunny! It’s been a great start to the year so far, everyone is in great spirits and that’s... read more

A Warm Welcome to Matt, our Newest Spiralite!

Spiral Media are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member to our team, who brings a wealth of Magento development knowledge and skills. Matt England joins us from a fellow agency south of Lincolnshire, and has many... read more

Spiral Media vs. the Beast From The East

When the ‘Beast From The East’ hit Lincoln on Tuesday 27th February, we were ready, and as a result, experienced very little disruption to our operations. We are very fortunate to be within an industry that can cater for... read more

2018 Technology Trends for eCommerce

At this time of the year it’s traditional for journalists and observers to make their predictions for the year ahead in technology. With such a fast-paced industry there’s plenty of material to use and lots of new buzz-words to... read more

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: The Major Benefits and Enhancements

There will be a time when Magento 1 is no longer supported by the community, whereby security patches will stop being released and extension developers will stop sending out updates. When these updates stop, your website will technically be... read more

Facebook News Feed Update

Facebook is changing the way its prioritises posts within its News Feed, which could mean big changes for eCommerce businesses.

Say Hello to Spiral Media’s New Starters!

At Spiral Media we are always on the look out for people who have the right drive, excellent at what they do and have all the values that underpin our great culture to help us move forward towards our... read more

Daniel O’Boyle: Apprentice of the Month, Dec 2017!

We love it when one of our team gets the recognition they deserve – when one of us wins, we all win! We are delighted to announce that our Marketing Associate, Daniel, has been awarded Apprentice of the Month... read more

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is becoming more and more important as the internet, and the sharing of content, becomes more prevalent. Breaching copyright laws can land you with a hefty fine if you’re not careful, and it’s not as easy as... read more

Spiral Media builds another Award-winning eCommerce Website

What makes Spiral Media happy is seeing our clients succeed and so we’re so pleased to congratulate Alterego on their recent award win! The lingerie retailer was nominated in the Hull and East Yorkshire Digital Awards for Best eCommerce... read more

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate

From October 3rd, 2017, Google is going to start flagging up websites that don’t have an SSL certificate in place. Initially, this is focused on Chrome only, which at the moment, is one of the most popular browser choices... read more

Magento Conversion Rate Optimisation Improvements

You get one chance to make a great first impression. When it comes to your customers, using Magento’s tools in the right way and removing features that don’t work, is a quick and straightforward way to make a lasting first... read more

Allowing Back Orders in Magento on Out of Stock Products

You want to be able to take orders for products that are “out of stock” in Magento, but it just isn’t playing ball. What do you do now? Back orders allow you to order products that are out-of-stock, so even... read more

What We Discovered at SearchLeeds 2017

Spiral Media is always on the lookout for the opportunities to expand our knowledge and so this month, we headed off to the second annual SearchLeeds conference. Held at the First Direct arena in the city centre, SearchLeeds was... read more

4 AdWords Updates You Can’t Afford To Miss

AdWords is an essential tool for any marketer, but it is vital you keep up with the latest updates and changes in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent changes... read more

Well done to our Marketing Associate, Daniel, for becoming AdWords Certified!

Late last year, Daniel joined our team as a Marketing Associate, gaining experience in SEO, PPC and client management. Following a few months with us, his focus moved to working full-time on Google AdWords for our clients, taking over the... read more

How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction in eCommerce

For shoppers who remember when the High Street ruled supreme, online retail seems like something completely alien, devoid of emotional and human interaction. But these people are wrong. Online shopping is so much more than clicks on a web... read more

Visiting Google’s New London King’s Cross Office

As Google Partners who had launched a few successful campaigns late last year, we hit a certain threshold and were invited to send two of our team to the event. Following on from last summer’s trip to Google to give... read more

How to Create Coupons in Magento

Giving your customers something extra when they shop with you is a great trick to use to grow customer loyalty for your brand. And coupons are a simple but effective way to do this. Creating coupons in Magneto allows... read more

How to Delete an Order in Magento?

There are a few reasons why you might need to cancel an order in Magento; removing a test order, for example, or cancelling an order placed by mistake for a customer. Whatever your reason, you need to know how... read more

How To Set Up Sales Tax in Magento

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, right? That’s how the saying goes, but how easy is it to set up your sales tax in Magento? If it’s not something you’ve dealt with before, this guide will show you how... read more

The Essential Virtual Reality Glossary for Marketers

I love reading blog posts that help me out. With so much information whizzing around the web these days, I can’t waste time chasing down every golden nugget of information. It really helps when you come across a post... read more

How to Apply Magento Patches

In order to understand how to apply Magento patches, you need to understand why you need them in the first place. A Magento patch is a collection of altered core files that are specifically designed to resolve certain security issues that... read more

13 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Experience

In the summer of 2015, Econsultancy.com conducted a survey asking businesses what they were looking forward to focusing on most in the future. Of all the people surveyed, 47% of B2C businesses put customer service at the top of their... read more

The Ultimate Guide To Online Reputation Management

The internet has made it easier for individuals and companies to promote and advertise. However, it has also made it easier for negative information to damage your company’s reputation. Social networking sites, blogs, and forums are just some of the... read more

How To Install A Magento Theme

Fancy a change? Installing a new Theme on your eCommerce website could be just what you need. Magento Themes are an easy way to change the look of your Magento website, even if you only have the basic skills.... read more

How To Increase Website Traffic Using Existing Content

If you want to increase your search traffic and so far have focused solely on link building, then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the action. As you know, link building is a great way to increase... read more

5 Ways To Increase Your Average Order Value

Increasing your AOV (Average Order Value) is not only great news for your eCommerce growth, it can also help shape key business decisions such as your online store layout, product pricing and delivery. Knowing your AOV can give you insights... read more

What’s the Easiest Way to Add Videos to my Magento Website?

Videos are a fantastic way to show your customers new products or innovations for your business in a creative and engaging way. Whether you create the videos yourself, or are part of a larger umbrella group that creates video for their... read more

Business Week: “It’s All About Digital” Event – 17th October

We’re a very proud team today as our very own Phil Kelsey will be speaking at the It’s All About Digital event in Lincoln this October. The event has been organised by the YMCA, Streets Chartered Accountants, Langleys Solicitors... read more

How To Add Products In Magento

The best place to start with adding products in Magento is the same as most places – at the beginning. Adding products into Magento is one of the first steps on your way to creating a successful eCommerce website.... read more

Happy 21st Birthday Adam!

Our boy is all grown up! Adam has been with Spiral Media since 2013 and now our young PPC expert has now reached another important milestone – his 21st birthday! First, we treated him to a slap-up lunch at the... read more

Spiral Media Is On The Move!

Over the past couple of years, Spiral Media has grown a lot! And with all these new team members joining us, we decided that it was time to expand our offices to match our growing team. Granted, we’ve tried... read more

Spiral Media Strikes Again!

The Spiral Media team is a social bunch and every now and then we like to venture out from behind our desks and head out for some fun. Tonight’s selection was bowling! Suggested by Lead Creative Claire, this seemed like... read more

Creating Images When You Are Not Creative At All

Everyone has things they are good at, and things they are not good at. When it comes to creating amazing content for your blog or website, it helps to be as well-rounded as possible. Being a great writer is... read more

Beginners Guide to Local SEO

Although we often think of SEO on a global scale, there is still a lot of revenue and growth to be made on a far smaller scale thanks to local SEO. What Is Local SEO? Local SEO is simply SEO... read more

8 Free Content Marketing Tools

Even with the best team of content writers at your disposal, from time to time we all hit a road block in our creativity. Whether its due to a lack of inspiration or a struggle to find the right... read more

Spiral Media Visits Google’s London HQ

Late last month, we got an invite from our agency rep to be part of a Google Partner agency focus group at Google’s London HQ on Friday 3rd June. Phil (our MD), and I went along, not knowing exactly... read more

Award Win For Spiral Media

Last night we attended the Lincolnshire Digital Awards at the Engine Shed in Lincoln, and you know what? We won! Spiral Media scooped the award for Best eCommerce Website for our work on Nottingham-based lingerie business Little Women. We... read more

Mandrill Now Requires A Paid MailChimp Account

In a blog post, and in an email to customers, Mandrill have announced that from 27th April, all clients will be required to have a paid MailChimp account (starting at $20/mo) that they must merge their Mandrill account with.... read more

Implementing Lightning-Fast Algolia Search On A Magento Site

At Spiral Media, we’re obsessed with delivering the highest performing Magento sites for our clients. Sure, it’s great to have a well-designed site that looks amazing and gets people talking (that’s exactly what we aim for!). But in order to... read more

A Very Spiral Media Christmas

Christmas is coming and that means one thing in our office – it’s party time! It’s also the time when this amazing group of adults suddenly regress to their childhoods and get very excited about decorating the tree, wrapping... read more

How To Prevent Your Server Crashing

Creating an online presence takes time and effort, and you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste because of a server crash. For online business, their website and online presence in general can be their most... read more

Fake Web Traffic Is Taking 36% Of Your Business

If we add up all of the computers that have been programmed to visit sites without any human involvement, it would amount to about 36% of all internet traffic. That’s 36% that you will never see any profit from,... read more

Why You Should Always Consider Backups

We all know at least one person who has dropped their tablet on the floor, knocked a drink onto a laptop or given their phone an unexpected dip in the loo, which is why most of us choose to... read more

The Best Online Storage Services

Finding the right online storage service isn’t just about getting the cheapest deal – it is about finding the best online storage solution to meet your requirements. Many eCommerce businesses are starting to look towards online storage as a... read more

Spiral Media Plans For The Future

Building a team that works better together. Here at Spiral Media we know that it takes work to make a really great team. That’s why we took a day out this November for a fantastic team building day out... read more

How Should I Host My eCommerce Website?

If you’re building an eCommerce business, don’t rush into any decision about hosting until you’ve understood all the extremely important considerations about the environment and location of your users. When looking to host a basic site with perhaps a... read more

What Factors Affect Conversion Rates?

Improving conversion rates throughout your eCommerce website is not a ‘do-once’ task; there are many ongoing factors that can influence this metric, so it needs constant monitoring. This is more than making a quick tweak to your imagery or... read more

10 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Shopping at Christmas can be a stressful and expensive time so we’re here to give you the best ways to save money when looking for those important gifts online. The number of people shopping online is increasing year on... read more

Why Black Friday Is Relevant For eCommerce

Black Friday is one of the most chaotic consumer periods of the year. And it can also be one of the most profitable for eCommerce. You probably saw the coverage last year from Black Friday with intense images of people scrambling to... read more

7 Ways AdWords Can Improve Your eCommerce Strategy

AdWords should never be seen as a tool that guzzles money – it should be treated with care, as a tool that could be your secret weapon to eCommerce success. I expect a number of folks initially reading the... read more

Magento “guruincsite” Neutrino Threat

A new threat to Magento sites was uncovered over the weekend, seeing code inserted into a site which loads “guruincsite.com”; a website known as malicious. The threat to Magento stores started to be noticed on Saturday (which in itself... read more

How To Set Up Your Business Email

One of the services we provide to our clients is business emails, so we thought it’d be handy to have a step by step tutorial on how to set this up easily and quickly. You have your brand spanking... read more

More Than Half Of Your Customers Are Influenced By Online Reviews

A staggering 67% of customers are influenced by online reviews, so if you’re not part of the game, you could be missing out. A recent study by Go Fish Digital has revealed some very interesting statistics relating to the... read more

Stripe Launches Tool For Easier Mobile Shopping

Mobile conversions have always struggled when compared to desktop sales, but a new tool from Stripe may help to turn the tide. Stripe, the popular payment processor, has announced Relay – a new mobile shopping tool which makes it... read more

4 Simple Considerations Before Using Google Adwords

Many people open up an AdWords account, do some keyword research and then start driving traffic without much planning. I seriously believe there is a place for AdWords in every business, but you need to make sure you have a... read more

What We Want From SearchLove 2015

SearchLove 2015 will see industry experts and peers from all over the globe come together for two days of insights, discussions and data. Our industry moves at a rapid pace and events like SearchLove London are invaluable if we... read more

SEO Error Codes and How To Fix Them

When you’re focusing on the front end of your website, it’s easy to forget sometimes that you also need to be checking for technical SEO issues which require a swift solution. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), the ‘protocol of websites’, produces... read more

Promoting Your eCommerce Website Via Pinterest (Pssst! It’s Not For Everyone!)

Ask yourself, how many companies do you think have set up a Pinterest account because ‘everyone else has’? When looking to set up social channels for your brand, you’ll no doubt read hundreds of articles about how to engage... read more

8 Ways to Improve Product Page Conversion Rates

Product pages can be a significant ‘winning’ difference between eCommerce website performances, regardless of your business size or the industry you are within. Making sure your product pages are ticking all the right boxes for your customers should be... read more

Write Excellent Copy By Learning From The Masters

Being a good writer isn’t just about perfect spelling or correct grammar, though they are important, it is about telling your story and having others read that story. One of the most annoying and insulting things to hear when... read more

Google & Pinterest Buy Buttons – What Could That Mean For You?

There’s been a flurry of activity over the last couple of weeks coming from some of the power houses of the internet, in relation to connecting their users directly with ecommerce retailers. We take a quick look through those... read more

How To Embed The Latest Instagram Image Into Your Website

Retrieving images out of Instagram needn’t be the headache it often becomes. All it takes is a bit of designer know-how. I am in absolute awe of our designers at Spiral Media. They are the ones who make our... read more

What Your Font Says About Your Business

In order to create a successful website, you need to bring all the right elements together to build something that your customers will be drawn towards. Your font is a vital ingredient to that mix. Choosing the right font... read more

Magento eCommerce SUPEE-5994 Vulnerability

We’re a big fan of Magento; it’s incredibly versatile and provides an excellent platform from which to create bespoke solutions. It’s also open source which provides a a fair share of both advantages and disadvantages. One of these particular disadvantages... read more

Catch Your Customers’ Eye on Search Results Pages (Structured Data)

Businesses can use structured data to help draw their customers in. To help you find out how to do just that, we have created this blog post. What is Structured Data? Structured Data is a way of giving various... read more

Mobile Usage Overtakes Desktop In Race For Audience

For the first time ever, mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage in the race to claim the largest slice of the audience pie. The popular blog Search Engine Journal, arguably one of the authorities on all things internet/search engine based,... read more

My Dropdown Breaks Responsive Web Design!

An interesting problem I encountered recently was whereby a dropdown on a website we’d built was breaking the responsiveness of the site. Responsive websites are those that degrade down to any screen-size gracefully. This means that sites, like the... read more

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Thinking ‘outside of the box’ is the inspiration behind many guerilla marketing campaigns. But what is it, and how can you effectively use it for your own business? Guerilla Marketing (also sometimes spelled as guerrilla marketing) was a phrase... read more

How to Create an Organic Twitter Feed

There’s no escaping the fact that Twitter is a tool of the trade if you work in digital marketing. But like all tools, you need to know how to use it properly. You want to use your Twitter account... read more

The Evolution of Domain Names

Nowadays many people are very used to the common domain names we’ve seen since the birth of the Internet, such as .com and .co.uk, but a couple of years ago things were shaken up and now the list is... read more

How To Make Blogs Work For Your eCommerce Site

For a long time, blogs and ecommerce websites were mutually exclusive. Blogs were not set up to make a profit, and ecommerce sites focused more on products than on posts. But now the two worlds are colliding and the... read more

Are You Asking Too Much For Original Content?

Type ‘guest post’ into a search engine and you will find hundreds of articles telling you how to write a piece of content that will be picked up by publishers. You’ll also find blogger pages with details of how... read more

A Slow Running Website Is Likely To Be Hurting Your Business

There’s a rumour doing the rounds this week that Google, on the back of warning potential website visitors about sites that aren’t mobile friendly or are not secure. Along with a whole raft of other warnings, the rumour is... read more

New Logo Design For Spiral Media

In the spirit of spring cleaning, Spiral Media has swept out the old and brought in the new, with an updated logo design. With our recent expansion of two new members of staff and taking on a number of... read more

Product Page Designs That Are Doing It Right

Homepages typically get the lion’s share of the spotlight when looking for lists of great-looking designs. But here at Spiral Media we’ve turned our attention to the product pages instead, because this is where the magic happens. A fantastic... read more

Mobile Responsive Design: Is It Worth It?

The advent of mobile technology and its integration with online browsing has been a slow rumble for many years but now the pace has quickened and websites are clamouring for a piece of the mobile pie. Many businesses and... read more

Creating Reports For Your Clients

Creating reports is all part of the job when it comes to working with clients, but is there a definitive style of report that works best? It is not enough just to work hard, put in the time and... read more

The Magnificent Seven at Spiral Media

Two new starters have recently joined the Spiral Media team and they’re already settling in well (as their picture shows…). Dan Aistrop and Alex Cooper have joined Spiral Media for 2015 as our new web developers and have brought... read more

Is Google Right to Warn Us Of Non-SSL Sites?

Is it fair for Google to warn visitors about sites without SSL certificates? If you have been reading through recent internet chatter, you may have seen a particular subject doing the rounds involving Google warnings. It comes down to... read more

Why You Should Choose Magento for your eCommerce Platform

We’ve worked on a wide range of shopping carts and supported an array of different ecommerce businesses over the years. From our time within the industry we’ve become very fond of Magento for a wide range of reasons and... read more

How Good is Your Digital Security?

The top 25 most commonly used passwords of 2014 have been released. How do both your personal and business IT security practices stack up against easy-to-guess passwords, and what can you do to increase your protection? The 2014 list... read more

Webmaster Tools: Why you need to check this regularly

Webmaster Tools is a free tool kit provided by Google where you can carry out a range of tasks to either help improve the optimisation of your website or find out a little more information about how it’s performing.... read more

5 Errors eCommerce Websites Are Making Every Day

If you read through the hundreds upon hundreds of articles on the internet telling you how to build an ecommerce website, then you probably know what you’re doing right. But what are you doing wrong? Sometimes the simplest things... read more

Celebrating Christmas 2014 With Spiral Media

It’s that time again! Christmas came with a bang to Spiral Media and we were ready to celebrate! This year, our team headed out to The Bronze Pig in Lincoln for a slap-up dinner, then out on the town... read more

How to Analyse Your Instagram Business Account

If you are a business looking to add Instagram to your arsenal of social media tools, or you already have an account but the channel just isn’t gaining the traction it should, then this guide is for you. Instagram... read more

How To Turn A Visitor Into A Buyer

Engaging with your audience is a vital part of any ecommerce business and no doubt you are working continuously to draw visitors to your site, whether that’s through SEO, PPC, banner advertising, social engagement, or a something differently entirely.... read more

How to Keep Your Private and Professional Social Profiles in Balance

With social media on our computers at home, at work and on the move via phones and tablets, it is getting harder to separate our personal lives from our professional ones. With businesses launching themselves into social media like never before to engage... read more

What Spiral Media Took Away from SearchLove 2014

Myself, Adam and Rupert made the trip to London last week to, arguably, the biggest and most powerful search engine marketing conference in the UK; SearchLove. We’re in an industry that moves and develops at an alarming pace, so... read more

7 Ways to get your eCommerce Website ready for Christmas

If you are just starting to think about your Christmas marketing plan then you are really cutting it fine. Think we’re being over-dramatic? Christmas shopping has already begun for many consumers. Last year, Digital Strategy Consulting found that nearly a third... read more

Are You Guilty Of These Social Media Fails?

Social Media can make or break your marketing campaign, it’s ever more important to protect your brand and reputation by avoiding these common mistakes. Social Media has finally become a staple in many businesses marketing activities, with everyone from... read more

My Top 5 Development Tips For Increasing Your Online Sales

A lot of online merchants don’t realize that their website design has a huge impact on the success of their online sales. Even the slightest change to a design element (add to cart button for example) can improve or... read more

How To Install an SSL on your WordPress Website

Using HTTPS rather than HTTP may give a much-needed boost to your rankings so how do you implement it on your site? This brief tutorial will guide you through the process of purchasing and installing an SSL Certificate on... read more