A Fresh Face For B2B Lingerie Wholesaler

Having traded successfully online for over 10 years, the business needed to systemise their back office operations with integration into their stock and accounts package (Sage50) using Zynk’s connector. As well as this, Magento was adapted and customised to offer strong b2b functionality that does not come out of the box, nor available within the Marketplace.


Dropship Capability

We’ve evolved the checkout area of Magento, to recognise when an order is likely to be a Dropship request and then ask the question. If it’s a Dropship order, then the administration of the order is changed slightly as well as the user getting asked to upload their own invoice┬áif the order is going outside of Europe.

Split Shipment

Sometimes, orders can only be fulfilled partially should the user want large quantities of product for their own shops. In these instances, we piggy back off Magento’s recognition of when an item will be on backorder and ask the user whether they would like their order ‘split’, or sent all at once. If they want it split, they will be taken through a slightly different staged checkout process.