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Creating a Campaign with MailChimp


Just like many people I love Mailchimp! What I like most is how simple they make it for everyone. To show how simple it is, here are few tips on creating a campaign using Mailchimp:

Signing up is easy. All you need is your email address, a username and a password then you are good to go.

I Love MailChimp

Step One – Create a Campaign

So now you want to create an email to send out to all your wonderful clients. Great, this is called a ‘campaign’ and go to the tab in the responsive styled menu to the left to start. You will need a few tasty ingredients to make up your campaign recipe.

Step Two – Your Contact List

Create a list of email addresses, this may have been created by a subscription on your website or an event that you have just hosted. This can easily be imported into Mailchimp, one way is simply using an Excel file, easy. Once you have your list in Mailchimp you can manage them into groups so its possible for you to send different information to different sets of clients.

Step Three – Plan Your Content

Decide what kind of email you would like to send. Will it be a newsletter, promotion or an invitation? Make sure your title and content reflects this so your customer is not confused by your message.So you now know the genre of your campaign so make sure your design follows suit. Which leads us onto your next tasty ingredient and my favourite part – design!

Step Four – The Design

Mailchimp offers lots of ways you can style your email and it doesn’t have to come from an expert. Each tool is there for the people who need it. Whether this be a new-born beginner or been in the business for years – web developer. They cater to everyone. With all these options it could be quite easy to lose track of what you have designed previously but with Mailchimp’s ‘My Templates’ you can save each design for your future campaigns, meaning you don’t have to lose a thing.

Email designer is a great tool in which you can layout your content in the best possible way and what makes it even cooler than an ice pop – it’s all responsive! Your customers will have an even better experience which all leads to a successful email campaign.

One of Mailchimp’s recent features is a drag and drop system on their template designs. Once you have chosen the basic layout this system allows you to add in elements where you need them. Want a picture to promote your new product? Done. It’s really that simple.

Step Five – Plain Text Version

Once you have added all your content and your beautiful pictures it’s nearly time for the oven. Now make sure that your email will be visible to those that don’t have HTML enabled on their email client. What this means is that they will only see text (Plain-Text) this should automatically be generated from the content you have previously put in but please check it before sending out your campaign.

Step Six – Delivery

Next step is to confirm all your settings on your campaign before sending it out to all your wonderful customers. Check that everything is correct and Mailchimp again helps you along to do this with flagging up anything that may not be correct.

Ta-da! You have just created your first email campaign that your customers will love.

All in all Mailchimp have kept things simple and easy to use for everyone and very easy on the eye. Their mobile new look helps to keep you up to date on your email campaigns even on the move. Through making everything responsive and organised they have not lost any elements but improved the user experience once again. Great Job guys! Or should I say Monkeys!?