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Cyber Monday – December 3rd

03/12/2012 predict that Cyber Monday to be its biggest single day, with orders set to peak at 9.20pm this evening.

Online retailers are or should be bracing themselves for the busiest day of the year today as consumers take part in the pre-Christmas push that is Cyber Monday.

If you manage an eCommerce business the majority of your customers may have received their last wages before Christmas and looking to spend today!

Cyber Monday 2012 predict that Cyber Monday to be its biggest single day, with orders set to peak at 9.20pm this evening.

Christopher North, Managing Director of, said: “As people increasingly shop on mobile devices and benefit from fast broadband at home, we’re seeing a move towards customers buying their Christmas gifts later in the evening when they are at home relaxing.”

Marks & Spencer has quoted – it was prepared for what it expects to be its busiest day of the year. On the equivalent Monday last year, M&S online orders were triple that of an average day, with one placed every second.

With that in mind we suggest that online retailers cover these simple steps to make browsing your website easier:

  • Make sure your ‘Special Offers’ or ‘Featured Products’ are focused on why your customers visit your online store.
  • Make it an easy experience to purchase products from your store, why make it hard for your customers to spend money with you and have a reason to leave your store.
  • Product Description pages have to be detailed and interesting to engage with your customers, include something different to your competition and stand out from the crowd, for example how about the use of video to promote a product instead of still images.
  • Include Social Media share links to your products and category pages, you can never beat a referral and Social Media can help! You will be able to see how quick this option can take affect by looking at your personal Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts and see your friends sharing links from articles, products they have purchased or believe to be worth sharing with friends to video links.  All these can help spread your brand and product visibility today.
  • Have a Guest Account active on your website, not all consumers like to create an account with you and maybe put off by having to create a login profile which they may only use once.
  • Make sure your contact details are clearly displayed on every page of your website, sounds simple but we see these mistakes made time and time again.  We suggest your phone number and email address within the header to the top right as not everyone is comfortable purchasing products online and it will be easy for visitors to call you with any questions they may have.

To all online retailers, we hope you’ve enjoyed Cyber Monday.