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Does your website build support Internet Explorer 7?


Are you a web developer? Do you still support IE7? Well, you’re wasting your time (to be blunt).

Gone are the days that we still have to backwards support this horrid browser, with its stupid double padding issue.

Personally, I might have a party tonight. This browser has been hell on earth (at the best of times) to support.

So… why believe me, it’s just my opinion isn’t it? – it’s not.

Google killed IE7 support around 2 years ago, so did Facebook.

According to StatCounter; in the last 3 months only 0.8% of the WORLD used Internet Explorer 7, 0.8% – that’s just ridiculous.

I ask myself, “Why should us developers spend countless hours sifting through pages and pages of content, correcting styling issues, just so 0.8% of the world can enjoy our freshly developed, responsive, ecommerce store; on their 14 inch CRT monitor?”

Below is an infograph illustrating its demise.

do you still support internet explorer 7