Easter Bunny Invades the Forum!


We’re a silly bunch at times, but today our Team Forum had a special and very unexpected visit from the Easter Bunny!

It’s been a great start to the year so far, everyone is in great spirits and that’s credit to how we all drive the business forward as a group.

We’ve met some really exciting businesses this year, from a wide range of industries. We’re very proud that some have become clients, giving us lots of exiting goals and ideas to work towards!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all been rosy and the journey certainly doesn’t come without it’s own frustrations. Sometimes, we may want to kick a colleague in the shin (which we do not do, by the way! that’s naughty!), but other times we just need a good old debate about something we’re not quite sure we might be doing right.

This is exactly what our Team Forum was kicked off for, asĀ it gives us a great opportunity to get together and discuss the business; share ideas, some feedback and ask all the questions we sometimes forget during the working days.

The ‘Team Forum’

A really good and in depth discussion about a process improvement for our testing

The word forum speaks for itself; a place where people can speak openly and on a level playing field, in trust and good faith all ideas will be discussed and taken constructively.

We talk about all sorts; questions about how we do our marketing, clarity on why a particular bug appeared on a site, request to shadow someone from a different team, a business operation improvement idea, or a simple spotlight of thanks to a colleague you want to make sure is recognised – absolutely anything and everything!

There’s always a bit of comedy, that’s a given!

Our forums have been a great success, and a lot of ideas have already been put into place. Most importantly, the Forums make sure we bring ourselves together at least once a month (most times for no more than 30 minutes) and have a good natter about important hot topics as we all look to make sure we stay true to our Mission, whilst working towards the Vision.

Forums can be ran as a whole business, or as individual teams – the most important thing is that you take time OUT of the business, to work ON the business!

Enjoy your weekend, folks! Happy Easter.

Who’s this little fella!?

Ooo, he has treats! :-)

Dev’s getting their eggs and gifts

Good attention to detail there … Like it!

Quick photo before he hops off

Loving the Eggs, Mini Eggs and Prosecco … Happy weekend folks!