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Four SEO Benefits of a Blog for Businesses


Businesses are constantly told that they should be blogging because it can help their SEO performance. However for some businesses it’s still not totally clear what some seo benefits of a blog actually are, which prevents them and their company from getting stuck in.

(Note: at the end of this article you will find a poster for your office, that we have designed to summarise the key messages)

I’ve wrote this article to outline just a handful of seo benefits of a blog, then at the bottom providing you with a downloadable poster to print off and stick up in your office, to prompt yourself and your team.

Before I start, I want to talk about “relevancy” and “credibility”. Arguably these are the two main things that help a search engine decide where to position you within their results pages; i.e. page one, page four etc.

Improved relevance helps them understand what your pages are about, so they know what keywords to list you against.

Your site’s credibility helps engines like Google have more trust in your content, which helps them decide on your pages’ ranking or position.

Don’t forget; the whole aim of the search engine is to recommend the best pages and information when a search query is made.

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Four SEO Benefits of a Blog

1. Fresh content

Google prefers websites that are constantly growing, with unique and fresh content. It shows that you’re working hard on your site and they like to find new data each time they crawl your site.

You can keep your content fresh in two ways;

  1. New content, through one or two new articles a week
  2. Updating past content based on changes within your niche
  3. If you update an old piece, tell people about it

Keeping on top of fresh and unique content will add credibility to your site with the search engines as well as your readers, so as you can see this is clearly one of the main seo benefits of a blog.

2. More indexed pages

Quite naturally the more content you have, the more search terms your site will be relevant for. This then increases your chances of appearing in organic results and therefore improve traffic.

With the development of algorithms like Hummingbird, we would expect pages that answer question type search queries (maybe like this post!) to do much better than before.

3. Encourages discussion, engagement and social shares

Search engines prefer to see articles that encourage discussion and create a buzz, rather than ones that sit there gathering dust.

Since they want to recommend the best pieces of content, a signal that they could use as part of this decision is the amount of discussion around a page.

If your content is good enough, people will start sharing it throughout the social platforms, which again can demonstrate how trusted or useful it is to users

Since Google indexes pages from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; this citation will provide them with confidence that your site is becoming more trusted and credible, which in turn can positively influence your search positions.

4. You could earn referral links

Bloggers and writers like to reference reliable sources to back up the key messages they are talking about.

They may come across your page through a social share or they may use the search engine search tools, like the Blog or News sections.

They could then link to your site or a specific page, which could be a strong trust signal for engines like Google.

The more credible trust signals you have, the more the search engines will trust you and therefore improve your visibility within the results pages.

There are tools like Zemanta that recommend your content to others while they are writing their posts, which could encourage them to reference you – this alone (specifically for WordPress) can be classed as one of the seo benefits of a blog.


Hopefully these four SEO benefits of a blog are clear enough for you to want to get started.

A good blog post may not get you a direct enquiry or sale, but a large collection of informative posts can significantly increase the traffic your website receives.

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