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Google Panda News – Coming to a website near you soon


You may or not maybe aware that on September 27th Google released another Panda algorithm update making this number 20 since Google decided to introduce Panda into our SEO lives back in February 24th 2011 with Panda Update 1.0.

Looking into more detail we find that it impacts 2.4% of English search queries that a user may use but this is still currently rolling out now and these results could change.  Google released the new update not just as a data refresh like previous Panda updates but this includes an algorithm update as well this time round.

This recent release from Google is targeting low quality ‘exact match domain’ from ranking well but with the news around the SEO community we are finding that many ‘non-exact match domain’ site owners have also noticed their rankings drop.  Spiral Media expect to see this update to continue until the end of this week but unfortunately only Google knows the answer to this.