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Google Reveals How Search Works


Thank you Google! They have released a great piece of content within their space that helps demonstrate the enormously dynamic approach they take to maintain a high quality of search results.

What this also does is give you an indirect insight into what an SEO consultant’s job is when they are looking after your website. Your SEO consultant makes sure your website is abiding by the search engine guidelines (and there are a lot!) to help build its authority, trust and relevance. With approx. 500 algorithm improvements a year – our job is NEVER done!

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here.  Simply visit this page and take a look at the information Google has recently published. It’s a really entertaining presentation that is very easy to follow and understand.

As you’re moving through you will start to understand the enormous steps that they take to make sure that the results you see (when searching for something) are top quality. They want there to be a high chance that the first page will contain the answer/solution you are looking for.

So, with the complex steps Google takes when deciding where to place your website, this takes me nicely onto the next section..

What You Get from an SEO Consultant

When you approach an seo consultant, you are basically putting your website in their hands to analyse every single page and almost every string of code to make sure your site is fit and abiding by the search engine standards.  To do this effectivley, the consultant must be aware of the search quality guidelines (about 200 of them!) to make sure they can effectively benchmark your site.

From this, they will be able to recommend and implement change within your site that increases its authority, trust and relevancy when the search engines carry out their checks.  It’s our job (a seo consultant) to make sure the search engines love your website, its content and indexes you against the right keywords.

With Google’s extensive team of testers (real people manually scoring your website), they are constantly improving their algorithms to fight against spam and make sure that the results you see are of the highest quality. They state that they make approx. 500 improvements a year.  It’s the seo consultants’ job to stay in fine tune with these changes throughout the year to make sure your website remains in line and where necessary, adapts itself to improve its own performance.


I hope you found Google’s page interesting and enlightening and I hope this summary helped you understand the level of work behind the scenes for a seo consultant when not necessarily making onsite changes.

You’ll hopefully appreciate that search engine optimisation isn’t a one off job that can be ‘completed’. It’s an on-going process and consultancy that will encourage your site to evolve and adapt itself to new ways of building a website’s authority to make sure your site generates on-going traffic.

I look forward to sharing more insight with you shortly.