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Google starts to close Places pages for +Local


Spiral Media has noticed that a number of Google Places pages are being replaced with 404-server error’s, this can only indicate that Google is starting to close their Places pages in a push to promote their replacement service, Google +Local.

If your business has not created a Google+ account as of yet, it’s now time to do so.  Google+ maybe another Social Media account to manage and you may feel that your time can be spent better elsewhere within your business but we are noticing Social Media influencing conversion rates on

eCommerce and service related websites more than ever.

Google +Local will also aid to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign within your geographical area.

Tip – If your business has multiple office or retail locations why not look at registering all of these positions in your Google+ account and have your web development team create a dedicated page for each of these, this will help promote your business at all locations and not just one.