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Google’s Instant Preview: How To Take Advantage


You may have noticed, Google have released a new search results feature called “Instant Previews”.  This is a great addition to the current Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  We feel it will provide users with a quicker way to find what they are looking for.

By clicking on the magnifying glass, Instant Preview displays a “snapshot” of a Website before users choose to click through to the search result.  The snapshots offer the ability to instantly compare, flip through relevant contents and interact with the results page before visiting the site.

The Impact of Instant Previews and How To Take Advantage…

We want to make it clear that this feature does not significantly impact your Google rank,  however Google have published survey results that highlight users are 5% more likely to be satisfied with the website they select from its “visual search result.”

So, now potential customers can quickly preview your site against other listings, this just emphasises the need to focus on your website design, in other words “the physical appearance”.  Investing time into your website’s overall appeal will provide a positive visual preview, which in turn will catch the attention of a searcher and potentially improve the number of visitors that come from your search engine listings.

Hope you found this useful