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Are You Guilty Of These Social Media Fails?


Social Media can make or break your marketing campaign, it’s ever more important to protect your brand and reputation by avoiding these common mistakes.

Social Media has finally become a staple in many businesses marketing activities, with everyone from sole traders, to SMEs, to huge corporations getting involved and joining in with the conversation.

Although, as a whole, businesses are starting to ‘get’ where social media fits in their overall marketing strategies, there are still some that just get it horribly, horribly wrong.

Here are some key things to note in ensuring that you are on the right foot:

Just be normal, please.

If you’re an IT Software company don’t go all crazy and start posting cat memes every two minutes. If it’s not for your target audience (or for their influencers), question why you’re even posting it.

And try not to post things that just make no sense, whatsoever:

Quality over quantity!

I see so many companies throwing out pointless quotes and random wishy-washy posts. Who are you talking to? You should be here to engage both your customers and professionals in your industry. That means talking to people, not at them!

Remember to be smart and be relevant, unless it is on topic and on point… don’t bother.

Too Many Tweets

 Let’s talk about automation…

Sometimes it’s just not possible for you to be able to sit and tweet or post to Facebook all day, you’ve got a business to run after all!

But automation shouldn’t be your entire social strategy. If you have set up an entirely automated campaign using something like HootSuite, it can seem disjointed from reality, and consumers can pick up on this easier than you think. Nothing screams ‘I don’t have time for this’ like an owly URL.

I’m not against automation at all, but if you are going to do it, make sure you mix it up with real time postings and invest in vanity URLs at the very least.

Bank Of America Automation Fail

Jumping on the bandwagon

We’ve all seen it, there’s a trending topic, everyone’s talking about it, you’re itching to get involved, you know it’s not really relevant but you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t say something. Hey woah ho woah stop there my friend, if it’s not relevant, do not get involved!

Media storms can and have been caused by a brand jumping in to an utterly irrelevant conversation just to be seen to be engaged with current affairs. Use your noggin on this one, if it fits with your brand go for it, if it’s a bit of an iffy one, leave it well alone.

Aurora Dress Tweet Fail

To put the above tweet in to context the Aurora hashtag was in relation to 12 people who had been killed in a mass shooting at a Batman film premier in Aurora, Colorado, not a Kim Kardashian inspired dress.

What do you think? Have you seen any of these social media fails?