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How Social Media can Benefit Your Business


Let us first define what the word “Social” means. Social refers to a group, or companionship amongst people whom you know that may have similar interests.

Media, on the other hand refers to an instrument where one person can communicate to another. Some examples of traditional media or old media are newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. In our modern, technology-driven age where the Internet is vastly used, we have the new media. These are websites, and mobile phone’s text messaging.

These are very strong instruments or mediums that interconnect people, and relay information, whether in print, on air, or online.

Now, what is Social Media?

Social Media is a tool used in online communications. It is the new expression for socialising online, allowing individuals to spontaneously interact amongst each other via the web. They can do this regardless of where they may be located, and regardless of the time.

Creating content and sharing them is important in any social media. Contents can either be a creation of posts of what seem to be relevant to a group, or ideas and thoughts where one may find fit to share.

It is indeed very much widely used by almost everybody in the globe. The reach of social media is massive, and can help you if you happen to run a business. Here are some advantages of social media for your business:

i) Greater advertisement reach

As most people are online now, the likelihood of having online users know you and your company is much higher. Awareness is our goal here.

ii) Higher traffic brought to your website

Online users will be led to your website to get a better understanding of what you do and what you offer. The more people check your website, the higher the traffic for your website. Increased in traffic for your website is good business strategy for you. Also, it allows for boosted organic Google listings where your website may land first in Google search.

iii) Better recall for services, offerings and branding

As they are led to your website, they will soon have a deeper knowledge as to what you offer, thus positioning your company in the process.

iv) Enhanced insights in target markets

As you talk to potential partners or clients belonging to your target market, you get to receive reasonable comments to better improve your business offerings. Thus, you learn to validate what the positive and negative comments are.

v) Customer service

An added benefit would be to provide customer service whenever a client needs it. This is very important, hence well appreciated by clients especially when service has been well accommodated and efficiently provided.

vi) Reduced cost on printed materials

Online advertisements simplify everything therefore costs are not high as compared to printed materials.

vii) Establish network connections

Social media, no doubt, strengthen ties among those who constantly talk about the same interests and who are into the same business support. Clients, business owners, and suppliers alike establish a relationship, eventually becoming your network.

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