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How to Create Coupons in Magento


Giving your customers something extra when they shop with you is a great trick to use to grow customer loyalty for your brand. And coupons are a simple but effective way to do this.

Creating coupons in Magneto allows you to offer discounts to specific customers or customer groups.

Magento offers a lot of functionality with this set up so you can tailor your coupon code to fit the needs of your customers.

Creating Coupons in Magento

To get started, head to your eCommerce website’s Magento admin panel.

Go to Promotions and click Shopping Cart Price from the drop down menu:


From here, you can create new discount coupon codes and set up specific parameters for each one.

First, go to Add New Rule, as highlighted below:


This will take you through to a new page where you can set up your discount.

Down the left-hand side of this new page, you will see sub-categories; each of which needs to be filled in before you can kick off your coupon code.

Rule Information:

First, head to Rule Information:


Rule Name: What you want to call your coupon – Discount Offer, Loyalty Discount, Spring Sale Discount, etc.…

Description: Here you can add more detail about the discount code you are offering.

Status:  Set the status to active to make your discount live on your website.

Customer Groups: Select which customer groups you want the discount to apply to. It may be that all customers can benefit, or you want to limit it to VIP customers only.

Coupon: You can choose to let Magento auto-generate a code for you, or you can add in your own, depending on the campaign you are running.

Uses per Coupon: Sets the amount of times a coupon can be used overall.

Uses per customer: Sets the amount of times a single customer can use the discount coupon.

From Date: Set the start of the coupon campaign.

End Date: Set the end of the coupon campaign.

Priority: Allows you to determine which coupons take priority if you are running more than one at a time.


Next, head to Conditions in the left-hand menu:


On this new page, you will see a radio button – a green “+” – which allows you to activate the drop down menu:


Here you can select the different conditions and rules you can combine. To add more conditions, simply click on the green “+” to select more options.



The next stage is the Actions tab which indicates the actions that will apply to your new rule.


Apply: indicates how your rule will be applied;

  • Percent of Product Price Discount: to apply a percentage of the amount depending on the product.
  • Fixed amount discount: apply a fixed amount regardless of any product or item.
  • Fixed amount discount for whole cart: allows you to apply fixed amount on the whole cart.
  • Buy X get Y free: buy X and get Y product for free.

Discount Amount: apply a discount amount.

Apply to Shipping Amount: Set to No if you want to exclude the discount from the shipping on a product.

Free Shipping: Give your customers free shipping by selecting Yes.

Stop Further Rules Processing: Set this rule to Yes if you don’t want any further rules to be applied.


Here you can decide which Store View your coupon code will be applied to:


Manage Coupon Codes:

Finally, you need to go to Manage Coupon Codes:


This section is all about the Coupon Information.

Coupon Qty: How many coupons you want to generate.

Code Length: Enter the integer value which indicates the length of your code.

Code Format: Choose from Alphanumeric, Numeric, Alphabetic etc.

Code Prefix: Any text to appear before the coupon code.

Code Suffix: Any text to appear after the coupon code.

Dash Every X Characters: Some codes are long and so, to break it down for the customer to read, you can add dashes.

i.e.: 3746-3756-5783-8467

Once completed, remember to ‘Save’.

And you’re all done!

Run a quick test product through with the coupon code applies to double check everything works as it should.

Any questions or queries about the process above? Let us know in the comments below.