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How to Grow Your Business Using Twitter


Twitter is a microblogging platform that lets you send a status message (or any message for that matter) for up to 140 characters. For others, it may be a challenge but that is where the creativity lies. In this article, we discuss how you can grow your business using Twitter.

Register with a Twitter Directory

If you are serious about getting found, get your business registered at a certified Twitter directory. This makes your company part of a set of categories, which will help potential clients and customers find you. One such directory is WeFollow. It has a comprehensive list and is very easy to use and setup.

Let your Twitter account be the Official word

Rumors fly. They fly even faster now with technology. You can remedy a problem, confront an issue, make a statement, clarify a rumor and more with your Twitter account. Of course, you may not be able to explain everything under 140 characters, but you can use this to redirect them to your official website with the statement you want to make.

Involve your @Twitter_account name in everything you have

Whether it’s your company letterheads, stationaries, coffee mugs, bumper stickers etc., make sure your Twitter account is plastered there (including your company’s website, of course). They may not necessarily remember your address or your branches but they can remember your @Twitter_account. Make it clear. Consider it an open invitation to everyone who sees it; as if saying “Follow me.”

Remember your keywords

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be simply defined as company-related keywords. When these are Googled and a search page appears, you hope to be part of that Top Ten list. First off, make your Twitter name your company’s name. This will give you a head start in the searches. Also, whenever your Tweet, put your company’s name in front of the tweet instead of the end. This can give you more leverage in search engines.

Give away stuff via Twitter

The concept is simple. Come up with a contest or a free giveaway and announce it via your Twitter account. Tell your followers to spread the word and let others follow your Twitter account. You can also use a hashtag (#) with a particular keyword so that this can start “trending” and be picked up on Twitter. If you trend, the chances of more followers are high.

Use Twitter to respond… politely

Twitter may just be 140 characters but a lot can be said with it. Companies use Twitter to reach out to their customer base. You should too. Now, it’s not just about being followed that matters. If they inquire, please answer. If they are angry, please respond politely. Let your Twitter account be the way your customers interact with you.

Ask for comments

Ever tried posting a simple poll question like “Which is a better color for ties: red or mint green?” You’ll be surprised with the results. People can respond to this and may even add some more comments. Consider it a modern day survey without the forms to fill. If you want, you can even throw in a surprise “Thank you” gift to those who participated.