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How To Increase Website Traffic Using Existing Content


If you want to increase your search traffic and so far have focused solely on link building, then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the action.

As you know, link building is a great way to increase your website traffic in a natural way, but did you know you can also use your existing content to bring in more traffic?

Here are three of the simplest ways to use your existing content to generate more traffic than the originals ever did.

Increasing Website Traffic By:

1# Combining Multiple Posts Into One

Sometimes, you’ll find that your website is suffering from an affliction known as ‘keyword cannibalisation’. This is where more than one page is targeted for the same keyword.

With a bit of keyword research you can easily find out which, if any, of your posts are targeting the same keyword.spiral-media-merge-blogs

Once identified, look at the combined traffic for each of those posts. While each post may have a fair amount of traffic, it’s likely that the combined figures are much higher. Therefore, it makes sense to merge them into one completely comprehensive guide.

Make It Comprehensive

The best way to do this is to create a new post that combines the information from the existing posts.

Using the content from all three articles, start to merge them together, getting rid of any duplicate or outdated information.

You should also be updating all of the information you merge with newer and fresher content in order to make it more relevant.

Using this technique, you can make sure that your piece of content is the best out there, which will bring in the lion’s share of the search traffic for that keyword.

Redirect The Old URLs

Once you have created your new piece of awesome content, don’t forget to redirect the old URLs to the new one. That way, any traffic you were receiving via the older posts won’t be lost and users will be automatically directed to the newer, better content.

2# Updating Existing Content

The second way to bring in more traffic through existing content is to update what you already have.

You may have written a good piece of content two or three years ago and, for now, it’s gained a steady but low stream of traffic.

However, how much better would it be if you updated it with fresh content, better images and maybe a graph or video?

Identify Existing Keyword Rankings

First, you need to find out what keyword the post is already ranking for. This will give you a solid starting point for your research.

Next, take a look at other articles on the web that also target that keyword but are doing better than yours in terms of rankings.

Find as many as you can and look at how their posts differ from yours.

Do they use video, images, interactive graphs? Look for elements missing from your own post.

With this information, you can then return to your existing article or blog post and start updating with better, more relevant content.

3# Switching ‘Main’ Keywords On Existing Content

The last option on this list to increase your search traffic comes back to keyword research and asks “is there a better choice out there for the keyword I am targeting?”

The way people use the internet is always changing and so the keyword you selected at the time is not the most relevant today.

Find A ‘Better’ Keyword

The first step is to run your URL through a keyword analyser to find out which keywords are bringing traffic into the page.

Next, take your current targeted keyword and put it into a keyword volume search tool, such as Google Keyword Planner. You might find that your previously high volume keyword no longer has the pulling power it once did.

For example, an article on measuring social media written in 2012 was a well-targeted article when it was first published, but keyword research done recently paints a different picture:


You can already see better keywords to use for that particular article that won’t change the subject of the piece.

Optimise Your Article

Using the information you have now gathered, you can quickly identify a better keyword to use that still fits in with your content topic.


You may have to do a bit of tweaking with some of the posts you intend to change, but it’s worth it for the rise in traffic you could gain.

Setup A 301 Redirect

If you needed to change the URL when you changed the keyword, you will need to set up a redirect so that you don’t lose any valuable traffic.

Force Google To Re-Crawl The Page

Rather than wait about for Google to crawl the page, head over to the Google Search Console and re-index the page for a speedier result.


To do this, go to Google Search Console and choose the website where the post appears. Go to Crawl > Fetch as Google and here you can re-index the pages for Google to crawl.

It’s All About Saving You Time

Using these three techniques allows you to get more traffic without using more time and effort than is necessary.

Creating new content from scratch is time-consuming and, while there are tools that can help, it still takes a lot of work.

So, in the meantime, you can use your time more efficiently and follow these steps to get the most of content you already have.