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How to Set Up an Advertising Campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn


Facebook and LinkedIn are two leading social media websites that you can leverage to get your brand out there. Millions of people around the world are members of these two social networking sites, which gives you a captured audience. In this article, we will discuss how to set up an advertising campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to Set Up an Advertising Campaign on Facebook:

Step One: Design your Facebook Ad

Facebook has devised an easy ad creation wizard that will guide you through the setting up and publishing of your very own advertisement. It’s all pretty self explanatory.

First, select to create the ad to drive traffic to a fan page, group, or your company or personal website. Give it a title. Make sure the title says it all; simple yet catchy. Then, you need to put the copy or the body of the ad. This contains the details about the advertisement. Is it a product you’re selling? A service you offer? Promoting a website or an event? Still, Facebook will approve or reject this copy so make sure you write this well. Of course, select an image that will best represent what you are advertising. A picture is worth a thousand words and this image can drive more traffic to your website or more sales for your products. Choose wisely.

Step Two: Targeting information

Facebook has millions of users with different geographical locations, social statuses, religions, interests, and other factors. Of course, your product or service must be targeting a specific demographic. In the second step, this is where you set up the targeting information. Facebook’s targeting system is pretty accurate. Chose which state, city or country you wish to target. Choose the age range of the market, gender, civil statuses. The options are very specific and can narrow down the niche market you wish to advertise to.

Step Three: Pricing

Now, here is where we set up how much we are willing to advertise. Decide how much you are willing to allocate as your daily budget, which will be the charge every time someone clicks the ad you publish. There are different options to choose from so that you won’t get startled when you get your bill.

Review your ad and start publishing.

How to set up an advertising campaign on LinkedIn:

Setting up an ad in LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook. The only differences are the interface and a few little details.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the “Start up now” button to begin
  3. Fill in the details – This is similar to Facebook. Just fill up the details here.
  4. Choose your target audience – The interface is different and has more choices in terms of specific people to reach, ages, statuses etc.
  5. Choose the daily budget – Setup how much you are willing to spend on a daily basis on ads ran in LinkedIn
  6. Activate the Ad by paying for it – Give your credit card or billing details to LinkedIn and pay the one time set-up fee of $5.