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Improving your Facebook Business Page


Facebook is a social networking site that is very much well-known and widely used in this modern age by almost everyone in the world. Facebook aims to connect friends, business associates, and family. Members can send each other messages, chat, poke, add old and new friends and more.

There are many different applications you can find from within this site. It is primarily a B2C environment, where most users are between the ages of 18 to 34 years old.

Below are some tips to remember in improving your Facebook Business page.

Post New Content

Remember to consistently post new content about your business. When people have “liked” your page they may have basically provided you the permission to communicate with them new updates about your business, as they find your page interesting.

Do not be timid about posting new contents on a regular, day-to-day basis. This will greatly maximise your opportunity to getting your business known. However, be cautious not to annoy them. There must be a right way of doing it, and some sort of balance that will appear acceptable for your market.

Be Dynamic with your content

Include varieties in your content. Do not just stick to posting one liners. Add photos, videos, or podcasts if you can. Mixing these media along with other related blogs will increase traffic for your page. You may also consider including questions that will stir interaction and engage your set of audience.

Include a row of images that will appear above your Wall or land on a page at the top of your Business Profile. This area on your Business Page will highlight five images that are associated with your Business Page. If you happen to not have them then it is time to find some photos for your audience.

Creating this add on feature for your audience will greatly appeal and give your audience something to look at and click on. Of course, nothing bad is going to happen if you do not post at least five images, but it does not hurt to include and show images that represent your business than having empty gray boxes at the top of your Business Page.

Good images you can use include product shots, relevant stock photos, a logo or screenshot of your website or anything that will speak about your business.

Customise Your Page

Customise your page. You can have up to 6 tabs on your Facebook Page. There are several apps to create tabs from Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you may also try to create several tabs with FBML.

Make Your Page Fun

Create a look and feel that spells out fun most especially since your Facebook Page is all about your business. Your page should encourage repeat visits.

Link through to other platforms

Interact and get connections with other social media platforms.

Call to Action

What action do you want for your page? You can ask for sign-ups or some other stuff that will encourage your target audience to participate. They can either visit your website or ask them to share your content to their contacts.