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LinkedIn rolling out new profile design


LinkedIn is the latest networking giant to update its profiles, keeping on trend with a strong focus on imagery.

Premium sees an upgrade

As part of its premium service upgrade LinkedIn unveiled it’s new profile design. The profiles now feature a prominent profile photo and a full width header image much akin to Twitter and Facebook. It’s currently only available to premium paying members and influencers but it is expected to roll out to those on the free account version within a few months.

But that’s not all, they’ve added a string of extra functionality to their premium service in attempt to lure more members in to coughing up some cash to get the most out of the network. If you pay the price, your listing in search results will appear bigger and bolder than those who are on the free accounts. They’ve also added in a keyword tool to help you optimise your profile for LinkedIn search.

Alongside the changes they’ve added in another pricing tier called Premium Spotlight which is set at £7.99 per month. This allows for a basic level of extra functionality at perhaps a more affordable cost for the average Joe, and enables the network to monetize more effectively by making their platform a bit more affordable.

Although company pages already feature header images there’s no mention of a redesign, which would seem to be the next logical phase. LinkedIn is a great way to network and provide visibility for your business.

Quick LinkedIn tips for business

  1. Get involved in groups – Groups are a fantastic way to communicate with your potential clients. Find and join groups to keep on top of discussions where you can share your expertise.
  2. Optimise your company page – Make sure you use LinkedIn’s company pages to the full. Brand your page and make sure your company description is full of keywords relevant to your company’s niche.
  3. Share content – Share industry relevant news and include a good mix of your own and other website’s content.