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Looking for New Marketing Techniques?


I just thought I’d share some important information that will help your business when looking to promote and represent your self online. Think about what your customers may type into Google, Yahoo, Bing in order to find your type of business or the services that you offer.

Try typing them into the Search Engines and look for the following pieces of information; 1.  How many search results appear for that Search? 2.  Do you appear in the first 3 pages?

Now, this won’t tell you everything you need to know about your online market, but it will give you the most basic indication of how well you’re competing online and how many websites your up against.

The good news, there is something that you can do:  Re-evaluate your On Site SEO!  Make sure that these search terms are referred to not just within the content of your website, but within the programming also.

On Site SEO only contributes to a small proportion of what is required and needed to be implemented in order to start climbing the Search Engine Rankings.  There are numerous Off Site SEO techniques and continuous work that has a greater impact on your ranking.

But don’t worry, it can be done!  Chances are, your competitors are probably doing it right now.  Don’t let them run ahead, take action and start re-searching today.

I hope you found that useful in some way