Understanding Your Business

We love to get out and understand our clients’ businesses, even more so when there’s a factory tour and a biscuit involved! For us to recommend the best approach when solving a problem, or start to build you a tailored roadmap, we need to know more about what you want to achieve and how your business operates behind the scenes.


Designing a Fresh Storefront

The aim here is to provide a stronger design that has a positive impact on your conversion rate. We’ll plan a tailored approach for your store, to provide a stronger user experience as well as modernising your look before guiding you through our full ‘New Project’ process.


Migrating your Magento 1 Data into Magento 2

We have a particular way of importing data, that ensures it’s intact and all relationships between products, the associated orders, and the customers who placed the order(s) are maintained. Before we start the migration process, we’ll get a full understanding of your current data so we’re able to translate it efficiently.


Increasing Website Traffic

After launch, our certified team of AdWords, Analytics and SEO specialists will roll out a plan to help you get more traffic from all aspects of Google’s search platform. Maintaining clean SEO signals, creating a vast range of new content, and daily AdWords audits will help improve your ROI, giving you more back for every pound invested.


Coffees, Strategy & Ideas

It’s critical that we’re aligned with your business, and you with ours. It’s equally critical that communication is maintained with progress discussed. For this to happen, we’ll sit down with you periodically to look at how your store is performing and what needs to happen next.


Magento is the leading digital commerce platform

Having worked with Magento since 2010, we chose it as our preferred eCommerce platform back in 2012, largely for its feature-rich start point and ability to scale as your business grows. We have a wealth of knowledge and skills, from a strategic perspective through to development capabilities.

It’s estimated that Magento powers over 20% of the world’s eCommerce websites, which will be split between their Community Edition (free edition) or their Enterprise Edition (even more feature rich, but licensed). Both are user friendly from an administrative perspective, which means you’ll be able to dive straight in and manage your store’s data such as orders, products, categories and content.

One of the biggest advantages of Magento is its scalability. Not only can you scale up your catalogue from 10 products to over 100,000 relatively easy using the tools available, you can also scale the functionality and connect it into third-party platforms to centralise (and systemise) many of your digital processes. You would need help with the latter, but that’s where we come in!

It’s also extremely feature-rich, which is why we often find people move to Magento because of limitations with their current solution. There’s often a way to make Magento support most of your ideas and business needs.

Integrations between Magento and platforms like eBay, Amazon, Sage software, ERP systems and shipping aggregators means you can shape Magento to fit into your current model, or use Magento to re-engineer your business model for a more efficient operation and greater net profits through the time saving you’ll achieve.



You can be confident with our team of Magento experts

We’ve got heaps of Magento skills and experience here at Spiral Media; adding all this time together takes us well over 30 collective years.

Being a business that ONLY works with clients that use Magento, we have a wealth of insight and knowledge across almost all eCommerce business areas; from warehouse operations, to financial accounts and logistics.

All our clients have ideas, and they all have operational challenges they need Magento to help them overcome. We’ve researched ample amounts of solution ideas, and as a result know Magento to a great depth. Most solutions that we put in place are bespoke (without the need of an extension or module), which is a major benefit to keep your store secure and reliable, as well as being tailored to your exact needs.

We have one Magento Certified Solutions Specialist in our team, with other exams being taken as we speak. This Solutions Specialist stamp means that Magento are confident in our abilities to plan a solution for your business using Magento to help you reach your business goals.