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Magento 2 – Should hit the shelves Spring 2013


Our favorite ecommerce platform “Magento” is getting older and as it grows old, it seems to get better and better. Among the community there are talks that Magento 2 will be shipping in Sping 2013, not long to go then!

Here are just a few of the many updates coming to the new platform:

  • Clear transparency and clearer processes
  • Better product quality (high res images, possibly retina support?)
  • Better platform performance and scalability
  • Additional product security
  • Modular architecture improvements
  • Better Web API coverage
  • More Multi-language support
  • Better documentation for developers and merchants

Keep tuned as we will keep blogging about updates as we get them. Below, we have a video of a Live Chat with Magento 2 Dev Team… Enjoy