Understanding the Data Flows

It’s important we have a full understanding of your business, how you currently use QuickBooks, as well as an idea of how you’d expect the data to flow into QuickBooks. From here, we can advise on the best way to move forward and then write all the data flow rules within a scope document before we start.


Choose the Connector, Start Configuring

There’s a number of ways we can connect Magento to QuickBooks Online, and a number of ways we can pass data back and forth. Once the decision is made, we’ll get the connection in place – which may involve using an extension partner.


Thorough Testing & Launch

All our work initially will be on a test version of QuickBooks and Magento. This allows your current systems to run undisturbed whilst the work is being carried out. Once all the testing has been done and we’re happy with how the system is working, we’ll roll it out to your live website, so your order data will start syncing with your QuickBooks account.


You can be confident in our team of Magento experts

We’ve got heaps of Magento skills and experience here at Spiral Media; adding all this time together takes us well over 30 collective years.

Being a business that ONLY works with clients that use Magento, we have a wealth of insight and knowledge across almost all eCommerce business areas; from warehouse operations, through financial accounts and into shipping logistics.

All our clients have ideas, and they all have operational challenges they need Magento to help them overcome. We’ve researched ample amounts of solution ideas and as a result we know Magento to a great depth. Most solutions that we put in place are bespoke (without the need of an extension or module) which is a major benefit to help your stores security and reliability as well as it being tailored to your exact needs.

We have one certified Magento Solutions Specialist, with other exams being taken as we speak. This Solutions Specialist stamp means that we are approved to plan a solution for your business using Magento to helps get you closer to your goals.