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Magento Themes: Why your eCommerce theme should be responsive!


Over the last few months we have started to realize the potential that mobile brings to the ecommerce (and business) web sphere. It’s huge, mobile is huge! The “we want it now” behavior that consumers are now showing, coupled with the ever growing capabilities of smartphones pretty much persuade every e-store owner that; “it’s time to go mobile”.

So, what does this phrase “it’s time to go mobile” entail.

Well, first off, you will need an enthusiastic, forward thinking, experienced bunch of web geeks, capable of delivering a mobile/responsive update to your current website theme.

Secondly, an updated business & marketing strategy, catered towards your newly acquired mobile audience. The days of only catering towards offline and online (pc monitor) markets are gone… mobile has nudged his way in.

~ For some time now, Google has offered mobile only advertising, meaning you can only show adverts to mobile devices.

Thirdly, a mobile SEO strategy – you will have to make sure that all your mobile content is in-line with Google’s mobile guidelines.

If you would like to pick our brains some more, please give us a call or drop us an email, we would love to chat.

PS. Keep an ear out for mobile payment portals. In the coming years mobile payment will be the norm, it’s good to know that your ecommerce store will be ready for this.