Mandrill Now Requires A Paid MailChimp Account


In a blog post, and in an email to customers, Mandrill have announced that from 27th April, all clients will be required to have a paid MailChimp account (starting at $20/mo) that they must merge their Mandrill account with.

This is part of longer-term plan that will see Mandrill re-branded as MailChimp Transactional.

The sudden change has caused frustration on online developer communities such as Reddit and Hacker News, as well as on Twitter:

For our clients

Since many of our clients who are using Mandrill already use MailChimp for marketing emails, this should have a minimal effect.

Please ensure you connect your Mandrill account to a paid MailChimp account before 27th April 2016, or it will be disabled, cutting off transaction emails from your Magento store.

Considering migrating to another transactional email solution?

For those not interested in signing up for a paid MailChimp account, there are other alternatives such as SendGrid, who offer a free allowance of 12,000 monthly emails – with pricing above that starting from $9.95/month for 40,000 monthly emails.

However, Mandrill was one of the original platforms for transaction email, which has allowed them to offer (in some cases) more features than competitors.

As an eCommerce agency, one of the most notable for us is their Magento extension (MageMonkey), which not only offers a way to connect a Mandrill account to Magento, but also enables our clients to benefit from additional functionality such as abandoned cart emails.

SendGrid, as an example, also lacks the ability to see the content of emails being sent, so there are considerations to be made.

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