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Measuring Social Media Success


The majority now know, or at least becoming warm to the idea, that Social Media Marketing is becoming ever more popular and an important factor not only to SEO but for the level of new business – If done correctly of course.

This is why we see more business owners becoming slightly more open with investing in this ‘New Trend’.

People often ask us; “How do I know if my efforts in my Social Media are working?”  “What should I be looking for as a sign of my Social Media’s success?”  Due to the age of Social Media Marketing, it’s hard to clearly identify the exact level of direct success because the metrics used aren’t as strong or developed like they are for other on line marketing activities.  So while it’s hard to directly measure (like you would with Google Analytics) let us give you a couple of pointers that can certainly help:

1. Total Online Community Size – Taken from ‘Natural’ followers.

If you want to accurately measure the success of your Social Media activity; try as hard as you can to stay away from them ‘Add as Friend’, ‘Add to Network’ or ‘Follow’ buttons. Obviously when you start there will be people that you find interesting or know and would like to connect to them and this is fine – however don’t go crazy and force people to connect with you if you can help it, let them FIND you!  After a while you can then see how many natural followers your Social Media Marketing activities attract.

2. Measure the quality of your content – Comments, Re-Tweets and Shares!

Successful Social Media all starts from quality content.  Don’t just ‘re-tweet’ or share other people’s work – create your own as well.  Its good to have your own say on things, start your own discussions and topics because by creating unique (but interesting) content you will start to attract comments, debates which result in more interaction with and between your online community.  This is the first way to measure the success of your Social Media efforts; the level of activity your content creates

3. Google Analytics Activity – Referral Traffic

Within Google Analytics, look at your ‘Traffic Source’ report for your Website.  How many visitors come from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other Social Profiles you have?  The answer to this question is dependent on what you are happy with.  If you’ve just started out in Social Media then don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t receiving tens or hundreds of visitors just yet – be patient and continue to provide quality content.

So there are a few ways to measure your success in the short term until we unveil other methods later down the line.  Certain Social Media profiles have their own internal analytical tools (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) which can also be used to measure key metrics for a reflection of performance.

We hope you’ve found this useful.