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Mobile Browsing: Things to Consider Within Your Website


Mobile browsing may soon overtake web browsing using desktop computers. Handheld devices are increasingly being relied on for on-the-go web searches. Company websites should be optimised for mobile browsing.

Mobile optimisation is a process of designing a website to make it appear better and load faster on mobile devices. There are a few things that should be considered within a website to make it more mobile browsing-friendly.

Mobile optimisation is done by creating a mobile sub-directory or sub-domain for a main website. The site must be coded in such a way that when a search is made using a mobile browser, the mobile domain’s page will be returned instead of the traditional or main website. The mobile site itself must be designed to make it appear better to mobile browsers. Another consideration is the speed at which the site loads on the mobile device.

One thing that should be considered within the mobile web page is the design or layout. The mobile page must be designed in a similar style as the main website. The design of the mobile site must be consistent with the colour scheme, text design, logos, and other simple graphics of the main site. The design of mobile pages must be kept simple to avoid loading issues because mobile devices usually have a slower internet connection. Complicated web codes should likewise be avoided. Once the design is finished, the mobile page must appear clearly on a handheld device, with the lines easily read by users. The problem with traditional pages when they are viewed on mobile phones is that they appear too small and the line breaks make it hard to read their content.

Another thing to consider within the mobile site is its content. The person creating the mobile web pages must remember that users who are browsing mobile pages may have a different purpose for browsing the Web than those who do so a home. These people are usually outside and have less time to go through everything that is usually displayed on a traditional site. The content of mobile pages must be kept at a minimum, and the most important messages to customers who are on-the-go must be immediately displayed.

Mobile browsing is a good opportunity for companies to advertise and promote their products and services. eCommerce can be geared towards mobile users. Mobile sites can include promotional campaigns that will let mobile browsers enjoy perks and discounts. Companies should take advantage of the mobile browsing phenomenon and devise ways to get to clients and provide them with the kind of products and services they are looking for.

Companies should realise that they must adapt to changing times and ensure that their websites are ready for mobile browsing. In order to create a site that is perfect for mobile browsing, they must consider the design, content and features of the website they would like to introduce to mobile users.