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Mobile Usage Overtakes Desktop In Race For Audience


For the first time ever, mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage in the race to claim the largest slice of the audience pie.

The popular blog Search Engine Journal, arguably one of the authorities on all things internet/search engine based, have today published a post on the number of mobile internet users surpassing the number of desktop internet users for the first time.

While only reporting on users who exclusively use these devices, this is all part of a gradual shift brought on by the affordability and mass-marketing of smart phones and tablets, meaning that everyone now has quick and easy access to the internet from as nearby as their pocket.

The full article is available here.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means that, if there was any doubt before, website owners can no longer run sites that suit only desktop layouts and screen sizes. There will be a point in the not-so-distant-future when mobile browsing overtakes desktop browsing completely. Sites that don’t offer a tailored user experience will lose out as users favour sites that they can load quickly on their mobile phone’s carrier signal and that they can navigate around easily.

If ever there was a time to ask the question “Is mobile responsive design worth it?”, the answer is a resounding yes!

This is just one of the reasons why website projects that Spiral Media propose include mobile responsiveness “out of the box”; it’s a part of our core offering.

While we hope you’ll be happy with your new website or ecommerce site at the time of launch, we also want you to be happy with it in three years’ time when trends have moved on and the way that potential customers access your site has changed.

What if I don’t want a new website?

So, what if you’ve already got a website that you’re generally happy with, but that doesn’t scale to mobile devices? Last month (in the so called “Google Mobilegeddon” move) Google started tagging, and promoting, higher mobile-friendly websites in their search results (when searched from a mobile device) which has triggered a large stampede toward moving existing sites to mobile – a reported 4.7% increase in the last two months.

Not having a mobile-friendly site doesn’t mean that you need to start afresh and rebuild. Without impacting a desktop site, in most cases we’re able to add responsiveness to your existing site without the cost of beginning again and wondering how this will affect your data.

Responsive ecommerce sites and websites are our thing. Talk to us about it.