If Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly Google Is After You


Today Google announced that it would start warning mobile users if your site is not optimised for use on their devices.

They’ve started implementing changes to their US search results which will flag up if their algorithms don’t think a website is compatible with your device. One example they give is websites that use Flash (which is not supported on Apple iOS devices). Instead of seeing your meta description users will see this in search results:

SERP Flash Warning

Doesn’t look good!

What does this mean to me?

Well if your website is coded for all devices, with no add ons, fear not, your results shall remain untouched. If however you are still operating a website that is not optimised for mobile, you might be in trouble! This could cause you to lose huge amounts of traffic as your SERP entry (Search Engine Results Page entry) is basically telling the user you’re no good!

Whilst there is nothing to indicate that Google will move on to websites that are not responsive, it is likely that if they are moving down this road they could well place the same limitations on non-responsive sites in the future.

Google has it’s own recommendations for website development best practices which themselves nod towards using responsive design and development.

If your site isn’t responsive now might be the time to consider upgrading.