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A Slow Running Website Is Likely To Be Hurting Your Business


There’s a rumour doing the rounds this week that Google, on the back of warning potential website visitors about sites that aren’t mobile friendly or are not secure.

Along with a whole raft of other warnings, the rumour is that Google will start warning internet users that your eCommerce business is considered a slow running website by way of a red label on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This was first seen by K Neeraj Kayastha who posted onto his Google+ feed that he’d seen this behaviour in while using his Android Phone browser in incognito mode.

The thought is that Google is testing this behaviour before rolling it out across all searches and platforms, as they have done in the past.

Slow Websites

What also raises an eyebrow is that Google considers Google Scholar and YouTube, both Google products, to be slow websites.

Google’s logic in this is to force websites to comply with better practices so that they become better user experiences and, overall, this creates an internet that works better for the people who use it.

It is well known that Google uses site speed as a factor in calculating their search results, and this has an effect on where your website factors against your competitors’.

By labeling a site as slow, they’re pitching your website directly against those you’re competing with for the same keywords and, presumably, the same industry, audience and target markets – right where everyone can clearly see it.

Spiral Media recently undertook some optimisation work on the Colonia Jewellery website, making improvements that saw page load time improve by over two seconds and load faster than 90% of other websites tested on the internet. Google’s own testing results saw the changes that we put in immediately.

Nobody likes seeing their own website with a large red warning label in front of it!

How will your site fare?