Spiral Media Strikes Again!


The Spiral Media team is a social bunch and every now and then we like to venture out from behind our desks and head out for some fun.

Tonight’s selection was bowling! Suggested by Lead Creative Claire, this seemed like the perfect balance of exercise and competition! (Plus, there was beer…)

Using the traditional method of splitting into teams by wherever you chose to sit down, we soon got stuck into our first game;

spiral media bowling night

Rupert’s ‘game’ face and our field of battle!

  GAME 1
Team Awesome Team Kick-Ass
Jason 43 Claire 114
Adam 74 Alex 65
Phil 107 Charlotte 56
Rupert 93

Game 1 Winner: Claire

Spiral media bowling game 1

Winner Claire in action, but Phil’s not fazed!

  GAME 2
Team Awesome Team Kick-Ass
Jason 50 Claire 126
Adam 81 Alex 85
Phil 123 Charlotte 62
Rupert 87

Game 2 Winner: Claire

Spiral Media bowling competition

One of the many conversations about who had the heaviest balls

  GAME 3
Team Awesome Team Kick-Ass
Jason 71 Claire 94
Adam 69 Alex 75
Rupert 98 Charlotte 53
Phil 96

Game 3 Winner: Phil

Spiral Media Game3 Bowling

Phil celebrates his win while Alex comes up with a novel bowling technique

Overall Bowling Night Champion: Claire! (We understood very quickly why she chose bowling…)

Spiral Media Bowling Night Out

All in all, a great night out with the Spiral Media team!