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Stripe Launches Tool For Easier Mobile Shopping


Mobile conversions have always struggled when compared to desktop sales, but a new tool from Stripe may help to turn the tide.

Stripe, the popular payment processor, has announced Relay – a new mobile shopping tool which makes it easy for online retailers to sell their products across multiple platforms, and within other applications – such as Twitter.

Relay is a new tool by Stripe which allows you to add ‘Buy’ buttons to your tweets.

Whilst this has been possible by other methods previously, the focus here is to make it easier for customers to see a product and buy it, without having to navigate to a separate website.

Conversion rates across mobile devices are low, with most shoppers only using their mobiles to browse, and then moving to a desktop or tablet in order to complete their purchase.

It is hoped that the addition of Relay will help to increase mobile sales figures.

Twitter Integration

Adding a product to a tweet has been made really straightforward, to the benefit of both retailer and customer, and there are a couple ways of doing this;

Option 1

If you do not have an eCommerce platform or don’t wish to use one, you can add product details directly into the Stripe Dashboard.

With this option you link your Twitter account to your Stripe Dashboard directly and all the relevant information is pulled across directly into the tweet.

All of the payment data is safety stored on the Stripe side so Twitter cannot access bank details or customer information.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can integrate Stripe Relay into your eCommerce platform.

Your information will stay on your own eCommerce website but Stripe Relay will pull out the relevant information and put it into a tweet for you.

When a customer wants to make a purchase, the Relay direct them back to your eCommerce website.

Here’s an example of the finished integration:

Stripe relay used on Twitter

Mobile Payments

With Relay, you will be able to seamlessly integrate your mobile payment systems, including Lyft, Postmates, OrderAhead, Instacart.

At the moment, there are thousands of mobile applications that use Stripe’s native iOS & Android libraries to charge payments on the go.

You can even collect cards up front for seamless background billing later and add Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, or Android Pay to your checkout flow with a few lines of code.

International Shopping

Relay will also allow you to accept payments from all across the world as Stripe currently supports businesses in the US, Canada, and Australia, as well as many European countries.

It will also automatically handles currency conversions so that you can instantly charge customers in their local currencies.