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The Best Online Storage Services


Finding the right online storage service isn’t just about getting the cheapest deal – it is about finding the best online storage solution to meet your requirements.

Many eCommerce businesses are starting to look towards online storage as a solution to their ever-growing reams of data.

Physical servers are useful but have their limitations. Online storage does away with boundaries and allows you to have as much, or as little, space as you need.

When it comes to online storage, there are a number of major players.

All of the storage solutions we have looked into do a similar job, but in their own unique way.

Best Online Storage Services

In the guide below you will find 6 of the best online storage services available on the market today.

Each one has their own top features, which have been highlighted, as well as a number of other functions and incentives that you might find relevant to your needs.

Dropbox (Pro/Business)


Monthly Price: Dropbox Pro plans start from £7.99/month for 1TB. Dropbox Business starts at £9.17/user/month.

Dropbox is widely used by many big companies, including Spotify, National Geographic, and Channel 4.

Dropbox is one of the original players in the field of online storage and was one of the first cloud services to achieve ISO 27018 certification – a benchmark for online privacy and protection.

It also allows you to see who is working on what without ever having to leave your desk. You can track which files are open and who is working on them in order to keep on top of work schedules better.

Top Features:

  • Easy set up for multiple users
  • Analytics tools for monitoring company data
  • High levels of security and compliance

Google Drive


Monthly Price: Plans start from $1.99 for 100GB

Google have recently reduced the monthly prices of their Drive service to just $1.99/100GB or $9.99/TB, which works out being 5x cheaper than the equivalent space with Dropbox.

Google Drive is extremely accessible and versatile, allowing you to work on documents offline and via a number of devices, including mobile and tablet.

It also includes document, power point and spreadsheet software so you can work on any type of file.

Top Features:

  • Low cost solutions
  • Basic free account gives you 15GB of space from the start
  • Easy to share and collaborate on files

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)


Monthly Price: Storage priced at $0.03 per GB, per month ($3.00 = 100GB) – Plus outgoing bandwidth costs.

Then there’s Amazon Web Services’ S3 service. LinkedIn, Adobe, Nokia, Netflix and Pinterest all use AWS in some form. Dropbox is also based on Amazon S3.

S3 works on the principle of many ‘buckets’ which contain individual ‘objects’.

The one main difference between Amazon S3 and Dropbox is that S3 comes as-is, with just a simple web browser interface through which you can upload and download your files.

It’s also important to note that AWS bills for outgoing bandwidth/access costs in addition to the base monthly storage fee.

Top Features:

  • No minimum fee – just use what you need
  • Integrates with other Amazon products as well as 3rd party products
  • Mobile app function for working on the move



Monthly price: Plans start from $4.99 for 250 GB. You can also get business accounts which start at $79/month for 10 users

A popular choice for business users, Barracuda’s Copy allows you to set different levels of access on every file or document, giving you complete control over who can edit or change them.

It also allows you to split documents into two; one for work and one for home, with each one having different access controls, such as making them read-only if required.

Top Features:

  • Simple-to-use access privileges
  • Accessible from web portals, downloadable desktop clients, or via the mobile apps
  • 15GB of storage with a free account



Monthly price: Plans start at $5.00 for 50GB email storage and 1 TB file storage

This solution from Microsoft once offered users 15GB with a free account, 30GB if you also sync up your camera roll and unlimited space if you have signed up for Office 365.

Unusually, Microsoft made the decision in 2015 to cut all accounts down to 5GB, with only those who had more than 5GB before the drop being given a year’s free Office 365 as an incentive to stay.

In it’s favour, OneDrive has a very user-friendly interface and syncs up easily with OneNote and Office, both online and offline.

Top Features:

  • Modern UI interface
  • Able to sync up with social media accounts
  • Remote access via any PC



Monthly price: Plans start from $4.99 for 200 GB and 1TB Bandwidth

This New Zealand based company has taken a unique approach to online storage as everything held within it is encrypted – locally, on route and at the final destination.

Sharing information is done in a similar way to Google Drive except that, when you send a file to another Mega user, you can set the level of encryption they have to complete before they can unlock it.

You can also send information to non-Mega users, but you will have to send along an encryption key as well for them to unlock it.

Top Features:

  • High levels of encryption for added security
  • Mega cannot access any of your data – only you have the encryption key
  • 50GB of space with a free account


There are a lot of great online storage services available these days and choosing one may seem like a difficult choice.

It all comes down to your particular requirements and what you need your online storage service to provide.

Whether you are looking for unlimited space, a low cost solution or easy file sharing, there is an online storage service available to suit your needs.