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The Effect of Mobile Browsing on Business


The internet has made a lot of difference in how companies are marketing and advertising today. People have become more and more reliant on the Web for a lot of things. This consistency in the need to be online can also be seen by how much people are using their phones to browse the Web. Mobile browsing has an effect on businesses and businesses need to adjust their marketing strategies in order to compete in this new environment better.

Mobile browsing

Many statistics show that mobile browsing is on the rise. Some people foresee that browsing the internet on mobile devices will overtake desktop browsing in five years. There are many factors why the use of mobile browsing is growing fast. The design and features of new phones today make it easier to browse the Web. The web interface of phones today has made internet browsing on mobile phones easier and more enjoyable. Also, connecting to the internet is so much easier with phones today. Telecommunication companies are already designing plans that include mobile Internet usage.

Effects of mobile browsing on businesses

One of the effects of mobile browsing is with regards to how businesses are marketing themselves. Because consumers are now constantly turning to their phones to get information about products and services on the Web, companies must make sure that their websites are compatible with mobile web browsing. How can businesses do this? First, they should look at how their sites appear to mobile web users. Most likely, their site needs to be re-designed so that it is easier to browse using a handheld device. This can be done by creating a mobile sub-domain. The sub-domain can include re-sized and re-calibrated content that is exactly the same as the main website, or have a totally different content. Whichever the case is, the site must look good when accessed using a mobile phone.

Another effect of mobile browsing on businesses is with reference to how promotional campaigns are formulated. This is a good opportunity for companies to devise promotional campaigns targeted to mobile users. One way to do this is by introducing mobile coupons.  These coupons can appear as feeds that customers can subscribe to or can be sent to existing customers.

The increase in mobile usage will also lead to growth in ecommerce. Customers are more willing to pay for mobile content because of cheaper prices, personalised products and more secure payment systems. Since consumers are now always online, more business can be done over the internet. Businesses should make it possible for transactions to be concluded using their client’s mobile devices.

Mobile browsing is very popular today and is bound to get more popular in the near future. Businesses must be ready to face this new challenging environment and adapt as early as possible so as not to be left behind by the competition.