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The Power of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking site where the setting is more diverted and intended for the corporate setting. In other words, LinkedIn is basically a business-related social networking site.

There are more than 120 million members who are registered in LinkedIn coming from more than 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn users mainly use it for professional networking. It is reported that the site is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and Turkish.

Primarily, the power behind using LinkedIn is being able to connect with trusted contacts, and allows you to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.

To be more particular below are some of the functions that LinkedIn can deliver. These are the kind of advantage or benefits we can get in using LinkedIn.

The power of networking

Connecting once again with former colleagues, as well as with the current ones you have.

Direct networking

Further, LinkedIn can lead you to network with other professionals who are connected one way or the other with those who are connected with you. Hence, LinkedIn is especially a great way to connect with someone who needs what you do, your services or expertise and simply does not realize that you are actually out there. Likewise, LinkedIn Groups are helpful by just simply browsing a connection’s contacts and sending invitations to people whom you think you can help.

Direct contact

Check out LinkedIn if you are looking for potential leads as you will surely find something there helpful. In doing this you will need to check if your prospective leads have a Shared Group connection. Then if they happen to have one, you may send your request to be connected in these group connections.  In so doing, it enables you to go a step closer and have a face-to-face or perhaps a phone or Skype meeting with them. You will be surprised at the rate of acceptance.

Quite often, members of LinkedIn will share contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers that is not normally given or inaccessible on Facebook or Twitter.

As much as LinkedIn can help you get recommendations and business leads, it also helps to remember these things:

  1. Never abuse the system.
  2. Carefully read profiles before sending requests.
  3. Always have a legitimate reason for contacting them, and it should be something you sincerely know and believe they will be interested in.

LinkedIn is definitely running on trust amongst its members. It is a trust tool. Entrepreneurs, who have been in the world of business for some time now, and even those who are new and aspiring ones, understand the need and advantages in fully utilizing LinkedIn’s capabilities. Professionals can assist those who are in their network to benefit from it. It is creating some sort of goodwill in doing business with people you have never met before.