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Twitter changes its design


As you may have noticed your twitter profile looks a bit different. Things may be bigger but is this a better change for Twitter? Here is a brief overview on the changes that Twitter have made and some thoughts on what you can do with it.

The new look is certainly growing on me, I first saw small updates pushed out a few weeks back on selected profiles and I thought it seemed to be just falling in line with the others. But as I use the profile more, I am really liking this change.

New Twitter Header Size

You no longer have the small header image behind your profile pic, this is now a full screen image. Very reminiscent of the Google Plus Profile. But you can’t argue that it is a great opportunity to create a custom image to further your branding of yourself or your company.

This was fairly small on your older profile but it now recommends it to be 1500px x 500px

New Twitter Profile Pic Size

As with many of the changes on the new look, things are bigger. Therefore things may now appear fuzzy. It should have already updated the size of your current one but to get that crisp pic you want try changing your image to 400px x 400px


The new 3 column layout now locates your ‘Who To Follow’ and ‘Trends’ to the right and your basic description underneath the profile pic on the left. With the priority real-estate going to your Tweets. After all that’s why people are going to go to your profile.

But the major change to the layout comes when you get to your followers or who you are following. Instead of your long scrollable list that could go on for days, it has a sense of ‘Pinterest’ about it and is in a grid format. Much more pleasant to the eye.

New Twitter Layout - Followers

‘Favourites’ and ‘Photos/Videos’ tabs have been added to the menu, giving your followers easier access to your information.

Popular Tweets

The tweets that are more engaging with your followers, the ones getting more retweets, replies and favourites are now displayed with a larger font then your regular tweets. Although this is not something that you can control it gives people that visit your page a much more visual impact to your tweets.


‘Pinning’ could be used as a really nice touch for those offering something in their tweets. Instead of having a short lifespan on your tweet it will be available at the top of your profile for as long as you need it.

If you aren’t one of users to get the update yet make sure you are ready for it. Get some customised images ready for when it does and make your mark. Some will say that it’s about time that Twitter updated themselves.

Rather than being a short simple messaging service, it can now be seen as a Social Media website. What are your thoughts to the new and improved Twitter?