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A Warm Welcome to Matt, our Newest Spiralite!


Spiral Media are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member to our team, who brings a wealth of Magento development knowledge and skills.

Matt England joins us from a fellow agency south of Lincolnshire, and has many years of experience which includes a lot of time focussing on both Magento 1 and, more recently, Magento 2.

Holding key skills in both front and back end development, Matt’s time is usually spent turning design into fully functioning stores whilst also being able to help with general upkeep and maintenance as and when our clients need it.

It brings the Spiral development team to 5, and very much compliments what we’re working towards as we look to drive the progress of our clients’ sites forward. He’s had an excellent first week, and already received a glowing piece of feedback from one of our clients! Excellent!

A little Q & A ..

We asked Matt a few questions, not all serious, just to help break the ice as we introduce him to our readers …

1. What got you into development, how long have you been playing with code?

I have been playing with code since I was in secondary school when my IT teacher showed us the basics, from there I have never looked back!

2. In regard to Magento, what kind of support have you been involved with?

I have been involved with Magento for the past 4 years and supported many customers and developers in the success of their projects.

Also, past the initial build, I’ve helped provide support for their online and offline business by showing customers the power that Magento has to support the infrastructure with addons like ePOS, inventory management and customer management.

3. What’s been the coolest thing you’ve developed, and why?

I can’t pick a favourite! I find each project to be exciting as I look forward to the challenge it brings and new things that I will learn from it (there is always something new to learn!)

4. What excites you about Spiral Media, why did you choose to work with our lovely bunch?

For me it’s the new challenges and people that I will meet and work with. I like the energy and drive that Spiral media shows to support its customers.

5. When you’re not developing, what do you like to do at home / as a hobby?

When not developing, you will either find me in the vape shops competing in cloud comps, on the dance floor teaching and learning Salsa, or spending some much loved time with my family (family comes first for me).

6. If you could have a casual lunch with anyone in the world (past or present), who would it be?

Has to be my grandad, because I never got the chance to before he passed away.

7. Trainers or flip flops?


8. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs (even though I’ve got four cats!)

9. Tea or Coffee?

Coffee (plain, black and strong. I don’t do fancy coffee!)

10. Chocolate digestives, bourbon biscuits, custard creams or plain digestives?



So that’s Matt, and we’re all very much looking forward to working alongside him and taking big steps towards our next set of goals.


The Outtakes

And since we like to have a bit of a giggle, here’s a few of the The Outtakes..

C’mon lads, let’s be serious for a second!

Errr … karaoke, maybe?

Lots of laughs, just how we like it! :-)