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What We Want From SearchLove 2015


SearchLove 2015 will see industry experts and peers from all over the globe come together for two days of insights, discussions and data.

Our industry moves at a rapid pace and events like SearchLove London are invaluable if we want to stay ahead of the curve.

We go to events like this to expand our knowledge further, be inspired and learn new innovative but successful techniques to bring back and implement into client eCommerce strategies … and of course, the bloody good knees up that SearchLove always delivers on!

Being able to interact and mingle with hundreds of like-minded individuals is a unique experience and Spiral Media intends to make the most of it.

So what are the key things we’re looking to take from SearchLove 2015:

1. Whispers from the frontline

It is always interesting to hear what the big brands at the frontlines are up to and what they are trying out in the coming months.

Hearing first-hand what worked and what didn’t gives us all a better understanding of the industry and how we can improve it.

For example, although it is unlikely that Google will take to the stage at SearchLove and lay all of its algorithms out flat for us to pick apart, we are hoping that there will be new insights available from those who are tackling the issues head on.

2. Insights and ideas from our peers

SearchLove is more than simply seeing what others are up to but also sharing and formulating ideas with our peers.

The world of eCommerce and online marketing is so vast that it is impossible to know everything about everything and that’s where our peers can help. Areas that perhaps we haven’t had as much time to explore can be laid out and presented to us in an easy-to-digest way.

And it’s not just about what we can gain from these exchanges, but also what we can offer. Knowing that we have helped someone overcome a problem is just as rewarding as receiving a great bit of insight.

Last year we saw talks on content, brand recognition, optimisation, SEO practices and much more and this year we are eager to absorb another round of in-depth and relevant information.


Also hoping that Oli Gardner brings those fabulous shoes again

3. Is content still king?

This is a personal point for me. Last year, I was all about content at SearchLove and it didn’t disappoint. I’m hoping this trend continues at SearchLove 2015 as I’m eager to see what other changes people have seen in content marketing over the last 12 months.

The phrase ‘content is king’ has bandied in and out of favour for, well, forever really, and now I’m particularly interested to see what the current ‘underground opinion’ state of content is. Does it still reign supreme over all other aspects or has it been usurped by a new challenger or alternative elements of digital marketing?

And that’s not all. There are lots of points that were raised last year that I would be eager to see explored in October;

  • Can SEO die?
  • The continual evolution of social media as a business tool
  • Creating a brand identity across multiple marketing platforms
  • Originality on the web – is such a thing possible?

Is SEO dying? Not according to Wil Reynolds

4. Meet and greets (a.k.a The Parties)

The talks at SearchLove are incredibly useful but there’s something to be said for the evening meet and greets as well. Everyone is relaxed and ready to mingle, which allows for broader conversation topics. Chatting about your own interests and hobbies and not just industry-specific subjects allows you to interact on a more personal level.

The informal parties give us a chance to delve further into any of the topics mentioned during the day and bounce new theories and ideas off each other. Plus, being able to unwind and mingle while digesting the day’s information in a relaxed setting allows you to get yourself prepared for the next day.

5. Case Studies

There is no easy ‘hack’ for eCommerce success but what we hope SearchLove 2015 will provide is a few golden nuggets that will open up new avenues we might not have considered before.

Seeing how others have faced common obstacles and overcome them is one of the most useful aspects of SearchLove.

And with SearchLove’s talks, you know you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth. The speakers have been there and they’re doing that, giving us insights and advice that we can actually use. They’re not selling to us – they’re guiding us.


SearchLove 2015 might offer a somewhat more positive message…

6. An active Twitter feed (complete with Troll)

A great joy for me personally at SearchLove last year was the constant activity on the #searchlove hashtag on Twitter. Every talk was enhanced with comments, critiques and frequently funny tweets from audience members.

This is a brilliant way to engage with your peers in a natural, relaxed way and allows you to build up relationships that will last long after the conference is over.

And let’s not forget our favourite troll who joined in occasionally throughout the two days. He repeatedly helped to remind us about watching what you say on social media…