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What’s the Easiest Way to Add Videos to my Magento Website?


Videos are a fantastic way to show your customers new products or innovations for your business in a creative and engaging way.

Whether you create the videos yourself, or are part of a larger umbrella group that creates video for their suppliers, videos can reach out to potential customers in a way that written articles can’t.

Add Videos to Your Website

Before you start, remember you must never upload copyrighted material to your website. Always check you have the owner of video’s permission to do so, or only upload your own content.

Types of videos for embedding

Desktop: These videos are saved on your desktop computer and come in files such as AVI, MP4, MKV and WMV

Streaming: These videos are found online on streaming websites and only some formats can be streamed, such as MP4, QT, MOV, WMV, FLV and a few others

It is recommended that when you are uploading videos to Magento, you use a video channel platform such as YouTube, rather than host the videos on your own desktop.

This will save your servers from overloading if the video proves to be very popular and watched by a high number of users.

Magento CMS Pages

If you are using a Magento website for your eCommerce business, then there is a really simple way to add product or promotional videos to your CMS pages:

1. Head over to the Youtube video that you want to embed into your page and copy the URL


2. Log into the Magento admin area of the website and head to the CMS > Pages section

3. Select the page you want to add the YouTube video to and then click on the ‘Content’ tab on the left-hand side


4. Click on the “Insert/Edit Media” icon which will cause a new window to pop up


5. Paste the URL of the video you want to use into the box named “File/URL”. This should cause a preview of the video to appear underneath

6. Click “insert”, and then save the page

Adding Videos to Magento Product Pages

This technique will also work with product pages so you can add manufacturer videos alongside your product information.

The method is very similar but equally simple:

1. From the Magento Dashboard, go to Catalog >Attributes > Manage Attributes


2. Click ‘Add New Attribute’ and then fill in the fields. You must give your Attribute a name – Video – for example, and leave the ‘Catalog Input Type for Store Owner’ as Text Field


3. Once you have created the Attribute and saved it, head over to your Manage Products section


4. In each Product, there should be a tab within the left-hand sidebar called Attributes. Click on this and you will now find a Video attribute you can use


5. Add the YouTube URL in the YouTube Video text field and save the Product Page to embed the video


Adding videos into Magento is really simple and they can make a big different to conversions when paired up with product descriptions and imagery.

If you want to learn more about creating an amazing product page, you can check out our blog post on how to improve product page conversion rates.