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Why Should I Advertise on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a social networking site where the setting is more diverted and intended for the corporate environment. In other words, LinkedIn is first and foremost a business-related social networking site. It centers on your career and the connections you have.

You get connected with people whom you work with or have worked with on any of your projects or companies in the past. Some connect with those friend or classmates they went to school with years ago. Basically, LinkedIn allows you to connect with trusted contacts, and enables you to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.

There are more than 120 million members who are registered on this site, coming from more than 200 countries worldwide.

Nowadays, if you are a professional and yet you are not on LinkedIn you may risk being thought of as old fashioned and out of touch. It may very well be to your advantage to go and check LinkedIn out and create your very own profile.

Advertising in LinkedIn is remarkably good and effective, most of all for B2B industries, because of the professional environment and details that LinkedIn uses to target its advertisements, which are called “LinkedInAds”.

LinkedIn permits you to deliver advertising to certain individuals or groups of people with specific qualifications or positions; they may either be vice presidents of operations or directors of marketing. This makes the advertising spending very efficient, and fast movers can also greatly avail of the current low prices on the platform.

Having a target group to show your advertisements and get them noticed at the same time may take much strategy and analysis – that is if you do it the traditional way. However, together with the current advancements in marketing trends and approach, business individuals have become so creative and innovative in channeling their intended marketing materials to groups of companies and consumers alike. This is covering all grounds in promoting your services and products. Now, having a tool such as LinkedIn makes it more practical and straightforward for these advertisers.

Now if you plan to have a campaign and begin setting up, you need to ensure and check if there are relevant groups that you can use for your targeting. LinkedIn Groups draw users back for longer sessions, and this can be a great way to reach targeted individuals while they are still in the process of going through business issues and topics in the group setting.

Juite recently LinkedIn began to allow members to advertise on their network. You can either advertise to a particular group of people whether by company, geography, title, gender and age. However, there is a rate that goes with advertising. You pay for click-through, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The cost is quite affordable, something like a minimum of $10 per day. However, there are limited numbers of characters in the text ad. This LinkedIn Ads function is receiving fast growth and popularity.