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Why Using Pinterest On Your eCommerce Website Is “Good Business”


Did you know that Pinterest is now the world’s 3rd most popular social media website?

Over the past 2 years, Pinterest has grown to over 10 million users. Pinterest is primarily used for shopping, it helps provide millions with inspiration for many kinds of goods, from clothing to furniture.

This gives an advantage to webmasters that are savvy and quick to the starting line in terms of uptake of new technology and social sites.

In eCommerce

Here are a few stats as to why you should be using Pinterest on your eCommerce store:

  • Up to 12% of users purchase something they have pinned online
  • 16% of users purchase things that they have pinned off-line
  • Up to 3/4 of users said that they will be using Pinterest for the foreseeable future
  • 66% of users regularly follow and repin retailers

Top Tips

In order to make best use of this fairly new social site, here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Always post good quality pictures of your products/goods
  • Make sure to provide a link back to your website, where users can purchase the product
  • Try to engage with your customers
  • Follow your competitors to see what they do right (as well as what they do wrong) on pinterest
  • Create boards (quirky quotes, inspirational images, fun stuff) that show you are also a human being… your customers like to know this
  • Let your customers know that you are on Pinterest. Add icons to your website and email template