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Dobbs Blinds

The new design has helped towards a 34% increase in new enquiries, which has then led to a growth of 25% in new business

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25% Immediate Increase in New Business

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Dobbs Blinds are a leading blind manufacturer, supplier and fitter for the Lincolnshire area.

The website has been designed as a digital glossy brochure that shows off their range with high resolution imagery, as well as the ability to increase the range with new content at any time.

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Quality imagery is a fundamental part in getting across the quality of their service, and products they supply, to their target audience.  It was also important to make sure the website represented a market leader to inject trust and confidence into their consumers.

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"We're delighted with the process! We were guided expertly by the team, they got everything right first time and the results are far better than we expected. We feel that our business is truly represented in the right light and as a result we've seen an increase in new enquiries and new business"

- Dobbs Blinds