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With better optimisation the website’s Organic Traffic increased 500% over a course of 9 months

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500% Increase in Organic Traffic


The goal was to design and build a new website that allowed the administrative team to display and link content more efficiently in order to give the end user a much more tailored and relevant experience.

As part of the process, we needed to migrate all the content from their old CMS, so before launch we conducted an on-site SEO audit to make sure that old URLs were redirected and so maintained traffic

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The design blends a mix of content together in a form that’s easy to follow and personalised to the users initial interest. It was important that as the site grew, the design wasn’t compromised so we created this website with plenty of room for expansion but controlling in regards to what pieces of content are shown and at what times

"What we've been provided with is perfect! From an administration perspective it's very well organised and new members of our team will be able to pick it up quickly and get on with creating new content"